What does plot mean in English term?

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What does the word climax mean English term?

A climax of a literary work is the decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot.

What does the greek word for mythos mean?

The Greek term mythos can mean either story, legend, or plot.

Middle English word for plot?

Plat was a Middle English variant for plot.

What is the plot and conflict of the poem How I Learned English?

The plot and conflict is he he learned english.

What is the English translation of sabwatan?

The English translation of sabwatan is conspiracy. The term refers to a secret plot by a group of people in order to commit something unlawful.

What does the latin term Filioque mean in English?

and the son

What does the spanish term poblacion mean in English?


Definition of plot in English?

The definition of the word plot, in English, the order of events told in a story.

How do hills become hills?

You distinguish it from a mountain. The term originally came from the English word HILLOCK, and was an elevated plot of land.

What does the latin term nigra mean in English?

Nigra is the adjective black, or dark in English.

What does courriel mean in English?

This is a newly coined term in French, from 'courrier' and 'électronique', intended to replace the English term e-mail.

What does the math term gaps mean?

The word gap means a big space with no #s on a line plot.

What does jingoistic mean?

its an english term associated with campaigns, in an article

What does shine mean in English?

It is a vulgar term, meaning "Die!"

What does the term kristallancht mean in English?

Night of Broken Glass

What does the word plonker mean in English?

It is a slang term for idiot.

What does the term compet mean?

Nothing. There is no such word in the English language.

Do all stories have to have a plot?

I'm not sure you understand what that term means. "Plot" is just the word that we use to mean "what goes on in the story." If there's no plot, it's not a story. It might be an essay or a report or an article, but it's not a story.

What does mi horario mean in English?

The Spanish term "mi horario" means "my schedule" in English.

What does descargar antivirus gratis mean in English?

The term 'descargar antivirus gratis' is Spanish. The term directly translates to mean 'free antivirus download' in English. Most antivirus programs offer Spanish or English language options.

Can plot be an adjective?

No. Plot is a noun, with several meanings, and also a verb. If the noun plot is used together with another noun, to create a specific term, it is called a "noun adjunct," not an adjective, as in the term "plot device."

What literacy term is the series of events related to the action of a story?


Term for the action of a story?


What is the term for action in a story?


What does florerias mean in English?

"Florerias" is a word of Spanish origin. In the English language, the term can be translated to mean "florist", which is an occupation that deals with flowers.