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What does pollos locos mean in English?

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It means crazy chicken

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What does los pollos es loco mean in English?

that is not well written, it should be "los pollos esTAN locoS" and it means "the chicken are crazy"

What does pollos mean in English?

it means chickens

What does the word pollos mean in English?

It means "chickens"

What does Vosotros Locos mean in Spanish?

The spanish words vosotros locos means you crazy in english.

What does Casa de los Monos Locos mean in English?

Casa de los Monos Locos in English means the house of the crazy monkeys.

What does pollos mean in Spanish?


What does locos por juanas mean in English?

Crazy for "janes"

What does totos locos so mos mean in English?

"we are all crazy" is the English meaning of "todos locos somos"Todos = all loco = crazy somos - we are

What is the population of Pollos?

The population of Pollos is 780.

What does vaya con los pollos mean?

Go with the chickens.

What does Ojos Locos mean in English?

Crazy eyes I think... I know los ojos is the eyes, and loco is crazy...

What is a Painted Ground Dragon?

it's Mexican for my very very hairy pollos pollos is Mexican for PENIS!!!!

What does Que Locos mean?

It means "how crazy."

What does the gang cvl mean?

Corona Varrio Locos

What does pocos pero locos mean?

Few but crazy.

What does los mocos locos mean?

"The crazy mucus"

How do you say chickens in Spanish?

Los pollos.

Are locos alcoholic?

Not all locos are alcoholic and not all alcoholics are locos.

What is the population of Los Pollos?

Los Pollos's population is 1,405.

How do you say 'you people are crazy' in spanish?

it is "Ustedes Estan Locos" :D "Vosotros estáis locos" is better, becasuse it's more colloquial. ------------ I'm not entirely certain, so I'll leave the previous up. Ustedes estan locos would mean 'You feel crazy', I believe. Sois locos would mean 'You are crazy'. 'Vosotros' is an unnecessary edition, since sois/estáis means 'you are' already. Ustedes estan locos is for talking to strangers/being polite, which would be a bit contradictary in that sentance. :P So, basically, 'Sois locos'. :P

What are the release dates for Ordinary - 2013 Los Pollos Hermanos 1-3?

Ordinary - 2013 Los Pollos Hermanos 1-3 was released on: USA: 29 September 2013

What is the duration of Aquellos aรฑos locos?

The duration of Aquellos años locos is 1.42 hours.

When was Hip Hop Locos created?

Hip Hop Locos was created on 1992-09-29.

What does Gracias por mi familia de locos mean?

It means: thank you for my family of crazy people

What are the ratings and certificates for Mucho Locos - 1966?

Mucho Locos - 1966 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S