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Maybe because they want to try to act all cool. Don't listen to them at all.

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Q: What does popular mean school kind?
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How do you be most popular girl in school?

if you mean popular like most of the population of the school knows you, than you make friends with more people. but if you wanna be like the popular rude kind, you sorta gotta buy them stuff and you become popular.............but go with the one with the more people know you thing..... its better

How do you be a popular but mean girl in school?

you be yourself, that is if you're a mean girl destined for high school fame, because if that isn't you then you'll have a really hard time going about it and mostly likely fall flat on your face trying. You can be popular by being nice and genuine, this will make people like you no matter where you are on the social ladder. When I was in school I would go from group to group and hangout with almost everyone because I was kind to them and they were kind in return. Some day hopefully rather soon you'll realise that life isn't about that sort of popularity and really neither is high school. It's much better to be a nice drifter than a mean popular girl trust me. Besides, striving to be "mean" is never a good thing!

What is the average amount of down syndrome children in a school?

It depends on the kind of school you mean.

What is the most popular subject at school?

being in school doesnt mean subjects are more popular than any other.....what ever u think is best

What school went victor victor?

good sherped lockridge school do you mean any kind

How do you become popular at your school at age 10?

i became popular at a new school by knowing alot of people and being mean even having 23 boy freinds

What does Lindsay mean?

Lindsay means joyful, kind, beautiful, sporty, popular and smart

How does Hillari Kimble Look like in the book Stargirl?

she is mean,rude,and popular in school.

What does the word academy mean?

It means a school of some kind. It doesn't mean a specific level (lower, intermediate, upper, college etc.) though, it can be any kind.

Is Miley Cyrus smart in school?

she probably is i mean who would ask that kind of question

Was harry styles popular at school?

Yes he was popular at school

What form can i use this word popular in the sentence this is the popular brand of school bag in our school?

You can use the word "popular" in its adjective form. For example, "This brand of school bag is popular in our school."