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she is mean,rude,and popular in school.

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Q: How does Hillari Kimble Look like in the book Stargirl?
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In the book Stargirl what does hillari do?

in the book Stargir Hillari Kimble bully's Stargirl and dispites Stargirl but inside she is jealous

Who is hillari in the book Stargirl?

HIllari Kimble is mean to Stargirl, but i havent finished it yet soooo??

What is a description of how Hillari Kimble look like from the book Stargirl?

Hillari Kimble is like a barbie.She always think she is so pretty and popular like a pretty kind of girl.

What did Stargirl do when hillari told her not to sing to her on her birthday in the book Stargirl?

Stargirl didn't sing to Hillari Kimble, but sung to Leo using Hillari's name. Therefore she didn't break her word about singing to her.P.S. Just read the book!

Who were some of the people in the jury in the book Stargirl?

Jennifer St. John, Hillari Kimble, Becca.

How does hillari kimble act in the book Stargirl?

Hilary Kimble never liked Stargirl, and at times is downright cruel to her. Hilary rejects any attempt by Stargirl to be friendly, and blames her for ruining the school dance at the end of the book.

What is the resolution of Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli?

The resolution of "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli is when Stargirl decides to leave Mica High School after the students turn on her for being different. She chooses to prioritize her own happiness and individuality over conforming to societal expectations. The resolution also highlights the theme of acceptance and embracing one's unique qualities.

How does Stargirl react by getting slapped by Hilary?

Stargirl Kissed Her Gently On The Cheek And Walked Away.

What is the resolution to the book fly girl?

Leo doesn't go to the Ocotillo Ball, but Stargirl does. She impresses everyone with her dress and gets most of the school to dance the 'Bunny Hop,' except Hillari and Wayne. Hillari slaps Stargirl for 'ruining everything,' but Stargirl kisses Hillari on the cheek in return. Stargirl is gone the next day. Fifteen years later, the reader sees Stargirl has left numerous positive impacts on the high school. Leo receives a porcupine necklace in the mail before his birthday; he realizes it is from Stargirl.

Who are minor characters in the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli?

Some minor characters in the book "Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli include Anna Grisdale, Charlie Spinelli, Kevin Quinlan, and Archie Brubaker. These characters play supporting roles in the story but are not the main focus of the narrative.

How can I describe Stargirl's room and yeah I'm talking about the book Stargirl?

Are you talking about the book stargirl? if your not, than i have no idea. sorry!

What town is stargirl from in the book Stargirl?

Mica, Arizona