"Stargirl" was written by Jerry Spinelli, and first published in 2000. The book follows a female student entering school, after eleven years of homeschooling.

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What dance did Stargirl get everyone to join in?

bunny hop

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How long was Stargirl homeschooled for?

Until just before 10th grade.


Where is the enchanted place where Stargirl takes Leo?

The Desert.


What are some connections from the book Stargirl?

one of my connections are that Stargirl is a new girl and there has been recently

been a new girl at my school


What happens in chapter 5 of Stargirl?

Kevin calls Leo and tells him to hurry to the football game. When Leo arrives he sees Stargirl on the field cheering and doing strange antics all over the field. She is clearly entertaining the crowd as they cheer her on. Still, the referee is not amused. He orders her off. The police appear to be willing to remove her. But, then Stargirl gets the hint and runs off of the field as the audience cheers. Thousands of people show up for the next game expecting to see Stargirl cheer. But she doesn't show up. Several days later Mallory Stillwell, captain of the cheerleading squad sits with Stargirl at lunch and invites her to become a cheerleader. Stargirl says yes. Stargirl seems to be getting more popular, and yet few want to really get close to her.


What was Leo's reaction to the sign Stargirl placed on the school bench?


Who is senor saguaro?

Archibald Hepwood (Archie)´s huge cactus.

It looked like a weird body. For examplehis leathery trunk skin had come loose and crumpled in a heap in the massive floor. Also, Señor Saguaro looked as if he was waving "adiós". Señor Saguaro had lost his pants. Only his ribs, thumb-thick vertical timbers held him up. Elf owls rested in his chest. He was a 30ft tall giant that towered over the toolshed in Archie´s backyard.


What enchanted place did Stargirl take leo to?

a desert


How did Stargirl respond after being slaped by hillari kimble?

Stargirl Kissed Her Gently On The Cheek And Walked Away.


What did Stargirl look like?

she had sandy hair up to her shoulders, and big eyes. she wore no make-up, and wore what she wanted to... etc :)


What symbol stands for the book Stargirl?

Its a girl and a star but the star comes first .

-Bomtara :)


Who is Hillary kimble in Stargirl?

Hillary does not like Stargirl.She stated that Stargirl was a plant. She was famous for her mouth; The Hoax, in which she tried out for the cheerleading squad, was chosen, and then did not join; and her boyfriend, Wayne Parr.

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Nursery Rhymes

Will anyone turn nursery rhymes into tv drama?

Adapt a popular nursery rhyme into a tv drama


What was leo's going away present from his uncle Pete in the book Stargirl?

the porcupine necktie


In the book Stargirl she wins a silver plate What was the contest she won it for called?

the Arizona state oractorical contest


Who is the antagonist in the book Stargirl?

There really is no one antagonist, though at times it seems as if the entire school is against Stargirl. Her odd behavior makes her, really, a rather easy target, and eventually people have no qualms about using her as a scapegoat. That's antagonism.


A novel that contains an introductory chapter explaining the narrator's reasons for joining the army at a time of serious international conflict is most likely to be a?

the War of the Worlds. Hope this helped ( Uts actually quite Interesting)


What was the time period for Stargirl the book?

i don't think there is a time period mentioned in the story


What point of view is Stargirl told?

Stargirl is mainly told in 3rd person from leo's perspective about stargirl, but teachers think that there is first, third, and limited point of view through-out the book


When does Stargirl take place?

it doent say but it"s publication date was august 8 2000

Books and Literature

Figurative languages from the book stargirl?

Her hair was the color of sand. (4)

Her eyes were the biggest I had ever seen, like deers eyes caught in headlights. (6)

She looked like Heidi, or Bo Peep (8)

In school I was a yellow balloon, smiling and lazy, floating above the classrooms (85)

Our minds are chattering (91)

The earth is speaking to us (91)

The universe will speak (91)

The stars will whisper (91)

I am a stone, a cactus thorn (92)

I am rain (92)

Every stray thought from miles around came wandering into my brain, sniffing about, scratching at my attention (92)

Dissolving away like Alka-Seltzer (92)

When the sun fell behind the mountains (94)

As we approached each other, the noise and the students around us melted away and we were utterly alone (95)

Holding each other's eyes, floors and walls gone, two people in a unicerse of space and stars (95)

They went right through us as if they were gamma rays (96)

When I smiles and nodded to her, frost formed on the back of my neck (99)

Rough like a cats tongue (101)

You can't be up to your eyeballs in bones and not believe in enchanted places (101)

We are not the people we know as ourselves, but creatures more in tune with a tree than a keyboard (103)

We are the tadpole before the frog, the worm before the butterfly (103)

The pipe bowl, like some predator, or seducer, drew down the flame (103)

They seemed not to enter through my ears but to settle on my skin, there to burrow like tiny eggs awaiting the rain of my maturity, when they would hatch and I at last would understand (103)

The purple of the mountains flowed like watercolor (103)

As natural as a raven's caw or a coyote's howl at midnight (106)

We listened in rapture, and so, I half believed, did the tumbleweed and cacti, the desert, the mountains, all listening to the girl in the long falling skirt (107)

She was bendable light: she shone around every corner of my day (107)

Show me the ants, two of them, lugging the lopped leg of a beetle twenty times their size across the sidewalk, as might two men (108)

Her eyes went straight to her heart (108)

I was as proud as a first-grader with a star on his paper (108)

She looked like a photograph from a hundred years ago (111)

I search though fillers like a prospector digging for gold (113)

A Keep-your-chin-up card (114)

Looked like it might have been an antique toy (120)

Her fawn's eyes (124)

I had to make an effort to keep my balance lest I fall into them (eyes) (124)

We talked of a thousand things (126)

Seething like snakes under a porch (128)

Take a swan dive into her eyes (128)

I felt the faint tug of her gaze on the back of my neck (130)

Ignoring my wishes, my head turned on its own and there she was (130)

A second desert imposed upon the one I already lived in, where "Hi" was as rare as rain (131)

Skipped over me like a flat stone on water (131)

Nobody hears me, nobody sees me (132)

I'm the friggin invisible man (132)

Her voice peppy like a little girls (136)

Nobody likes you (138)

Her eyes covered me like the sky (138)

I said her name out loud like blowing bubbles (140)

Big head (148)

Even the desert is celebrating (149)

Brown mist on the horizon that announced our approach (152)

Like a butterfly her words fluttered from image to image (152)

Stiff as manikins (154)

Looked at them as if they were hand grenades (155)

The cheering was as wild as that of the crowd at a championship basketball game (156)

Twinkled like a starburst (157)

Never in my life had I seen a place so empty (159)

Moonlight crept up my sheet (163)

I had the notion that they were calling to each other (flowers) (167)

The moon rose into the sky like a lost balloon (167)

Like a bridal train (167)

It looked like a float in the parade (167)

Fluffs like a meringue (168)

The ice shattered (171)

Dancing millipede (172)

Like figures dancing in ones dream (173)

Music was a tether a kite string (173)

Pastel skirts flapping like stampeding flamingos (174)

The sun was melting butter (177)

As for me, I throw myself into my work and keep an eye peeled for silver lunch trucks (185)

*This is a list I created while reading Stargirl. I will be student teaching soon and am creating a unit around this book and love the figurative language in it. There are a lot of similes, metaphors, hyperboles, and personification. It's not complete, but it's a good start!


What is the role of peer pressure in Stargirl?

Peer Pressure plays a very big role in Stargirl; in fact it's one of the dominant themes. For example, Leo tried to change Stargirl to be like everyone else in school so he wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with her. Stargirl, the most unique character in the story, fed into peer pressure at one point and abandoned her outlandish style to fit in with the rest of the student body. The moral of the story is to be yourself regardless of how other people may react or perceive it because if you're not yourself, then who are you?


What happens in chapters 11-20 in the book Stargirl?



What are seven main events in Stargirl?

1. her beginning popularity. 2. when she wins a contest 3. the basketball game:her cheerleading 4. being on hotseat with Leo and Kevin 5. downfall of popularity 6. adventures with Leo..the kiss 5. she becoming a regular person 6. her speech; she wins 7. the ball...disappearing 4ever:(


What is the message in stargirl?

The message in Stargirl is that you should be different and yourself. And you should be unique.


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