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You seem to have confused two phrases:
por que (accent on the 'e') = 'why?'
porque = because
puesto = placed, set; place, stand, stall, booth; employment, position, office
puesto que = although, since, inasmuch as

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Why are you leaving

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Q: What does por que te vas mean in English?
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What does Por qué vas mean in English?

Por que vas in English means: Why are you going? The 'you' seems an error for 'te' = 'you'. Por que te vas = Why are you going away

What does que le vas a de sir mean in english?

que le vas a decir = what are you going to say to him

What does ''que vas a hacer el domingo por la manana'' mean?

What are you going to do Sunday morning?

What does que dias vas a la clase mean in English?

What days do you go to class?'

What is pk tu no vaz mean in English?

This is Spanish shorthand for "¿por qué tú no vas?". In English, it means "why are you not going?"

What does que vas a hacer mean in spanish?

Que vas a hacer translates to "What are you going to do?"

What does no voy a decir por que vas a llorar mean?

I will not say why you are going to cry. This looks like three sentences. I will not way. Why? Are you going to cry?

What is 'Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire' when translated from French to English?

Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire? in French is "What are you going to do?" in English.

What does que vas a hacer ahora mean?

"Que vas a hacer ahora?" means "What are you going to do/make now?"

Que otra musica ademas de Por que te vas tocan en la pelicula Cria Cuervos?

Ana no duerme

What does est-ce que tu vas mean?

Est-ce que tu vas ... means 'are you going ...' in French.

How do you answer por que vas al hotel in spanish?

Porque no tengo dónde pernoctar / pasar la noche.