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Q: What does princess mean in Indian?
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What does the word rani mean?

An Indian Princess

what is the face makeup for an indian princess?

what is the face makeup for an indian princess

What can be found on the Indian Princess website?

There is no, one site for Indian Princess. When searching google for the Indian Princess website there are many that come up. One such site is an E-book containing a story about an Indian Princess.

Pocahontas was a Indian princess right?

The concept of Princess is a white man's concept and not an Indian's.

What is the story jahanara princess of princesses about?

An Indian princess.

In what language does mulga mean princess?

Mulga means princess in Cherokee language. The Cherokee are a Native American Indian tribe in the Midwestern part of the United States.

Was an Indian prince married to a Korean princess?

It was an Indian princess from ayodhya who married à Korean prince

What does rajkumari mean in Hindi?

"Rajkumari" in Hindi means "princess." It is a term used to address a king's daughter or a royal princess in Indian culture.

What are the release dates for The Indian Princess - 1910?

The Indian Princess - 1910 was released on: USA: 11 May 1910

What if your grandmother tells that you are an Indian princess?

I will be so happy because i got Indian blood in my body that's why my grandmother tells me that I'm a Indian princess.

What does Indian name sabitha mean?

sabitha is mine name and it means love babe honey and a love princess

What do you call an Indian chief's?