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Etiquette refers to ones behavior; it is one that is usually prescribed for ones job, profession, duty, gathering, party, etc.

To have proper etiquette, one must showcase behavior that is suitable and appropriate for said event, profession, or otherwise. In other words, proper etiquette means suitable behavior.

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Q: What does proper etiquette mean?
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What is proper etiquette do you write in all Caps?

This is defintinely not proper etiquette for 3 reasons:It's considered as if you are yellingEven though you mean no harm, no one likes to be yelled atProper etiquette is only writing the first letter in caps for only the beginng of a word in sentence, or a proper noun.It is also OK to capitalize for emphasis , and for the visually impaired.

Proper etiquette in dating?

Be yourself

Can you give me a very short sentence for etiquette?

Please practice proper etiquette when in public.

Is it proper etiquette to send a wedding invitation to the priest who will marry you?

Yes. It is proper etiquette, although it is also common for them to decline (but that probably depends on your relationship with him/her).

What is a funny sentence using the word etiquette?

It's proper etiquette to place a napkin on ones lap before eating. As a gentleman, he followed proper etiquette and opened the door for his wife. Ignoring proper etiquette, he started eating before anyone else at the table had been served. To comply with accepted etiquette, he shut his phone off before the church service began.

What is appropriate etiquette for a funeral in Switzerland?

If the burial is private in Switzerland it considered proper etiquette to publish the obituary after the funeral. If the burial is to be made public, the proper etiquette is to publish an obituary a few days before the funeral.

What is a german's proper etiquette for church services?

Exactly the same as the etiquette required by any other nationality

Email etiquette is known as?

Using proper etiquette on the Internet, including in e-mails, is called "Netiquette".

What is the word for proper behavior?

etiquette protocol

What is the Proper address letter to Reverend and wife?

What is the proper etiquette to addressing a Reverend in a letter?

What is the proper etiquette for a female to enter a club with her boyfriend?


What is proper etiquette for giving flowers to someone who is in a play?

after the show