What does protactor mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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An instrument used for drawing and measuring angles

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A protRactor is an instrument used in geometry to define angles.

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Q: What does protactor mean?
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How do you use a protactor?

to measure the angles

Where do you use a protactor?

to measures the angles

What is a unit measured by a protactor?

Degrees of angles are measured with a protractor.

How do you work out the size of a angle 4 sided shape?

with a protactor......

What is the uses of a protractor?

A Protactor is used to measure different andgle by putting the middle of the protactor ( occasionally it should have a dot on the protractor / where you want to measure) then you either measure the reading the measurements inside or out.

What are the three instruments used in constructions in math?

A protactor ,ruler, and a straightedge

How do you find centroid of semicircle?

with a protactor haha bt basically noone knws da answer ha ha

Types of measuring devices and their uses?

Metric ruler, Meterstick, Ruler,Thermometer, Weighing scale, Balance scale, Protactor.. :) JaneLizetteAguilar

What is a Universal bevel protractor?

universal bevel protactor is an angle measuring instrument which measures acute angle ,obtuse angle as well as it is used to layout an angle. its least count is 5 minute.

Who is the main character in the book Glinda of Oz?

I did't read the book, but according to my information that the main character in this novel is Princess Ozma, because glinda is just a fictional character and the protactor of the princess.

How do you construct a 30 degree angle without the use of a protactor?

Use a ruler to make a right angle triangle of dimension 3,4,5 the angle adjacent to the side of 4 units length is 30 degrees.

What are negative quadrant angles?

using protactor, we use to draw angles in anticlockwise direction and that angles are called positive quadrant angles. and angles in clockwise direction, these angles are called negative quadrant angles.