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pooja uses offerings to show many things

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What does Puja Hindu mean?

Puja means " a personal act of Worship of a detily" also- WORSHIP BY MAKING OFFERINGS TO THE GOD.

Why is it important for hindus to use the puja items before praying?

One can worship the deity even without the puja items. But if one has time and would like to follow a daily ritual, then they use the puja items. These can be few or many as the situation permits. The puja items are thoroughly cleaned before use.

What do hindus use when praying?

they use a puja tray

Name some festivals in tripura?

Durga puja, Garia Puja, Kali Puja, Laxmi Puja, Saraswati Puja

What is puja ritual?

Puja is a sacred practice that Hindu people perform on different occasions to worship, pray or show respect to their deities. best of luck!

What is nimbo and why use it in puja?

"Nimbo" is hindi for lemon.

What is a puja tray for?

the puja tray is for the people who do puja to put equipment on

What do you think are the advantages of performing Puja?

I think the advantage of performing Puja is to remember God - His powers and qualities and pray for to seek His Blessings in our life or maybe because God has given you the the five senses to use wisely in should show your respect by worshipping and thanking him.

What is a Hindu puja tray?

A tray in which Hindus use to worship with.

What are the main festivals celebrated in Tripura?

Kharchi puja durga puja and garia puja

How do you you spend your puja vacation?

I spend my puja vacation at Kohima I visited the place where puja celebrated

Why do hindus use inscence?

In puja (a type of worship) Hindu's use all of their senses during prayer, they light inscence so that their sense of smell can also be used, to show god that they are completely focused on him and only him.

When was Puja Gupta born?

Puja Gupta was born in 1988.

How tall is Puja Mohindra?

Puja Mohindra is 5' 6".

When was Puja Behboud born?

Puja Behboud was born in 1977.

How tall is Puja Behboud?

Puja Behboud is 181 cm.

How tall is Puja Bose?

Puja Bose is 157 cm.

What do Hindus do before worshipping Puja?

Ummm...Hindus don't worship "Puja". "Puja" is a Sanskrit word that means "worship."

What is the purpose of puja?

Purpose of puja is to worship God and make him happy. By doing puja one can get all he wants in his life.

Is puja part of a celebration?

No, puja is part of a daily worship/prayer

What is a Hindu holiday in December 2007?

Devi Puja and Vishnu Puja

Chath puja was which date in 1984?

Chhath Puja 1984 date

On which date the chhat puja held in 1982?

chhath puja 1982

When was durga puja in 1969?

hich date Durga Puja in 1969

Is puja a Hindu god?

Puja is a Hindi word for prayer. It is not a god.

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