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it means pull over to the right hand side of the road.

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Q: What does pull over onto the right-hand shoulder mean?
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What does pos mean in text messaging?

Parents over shoulder

What does dose plos mean?

parents looking over shoulder

What does mos mean in the internet?

I means Mom Over Shoulder

What is a Soft Shoulder sign mean?

It means that the shoulder of the road is not hard or paved, but soft. If you need to pull over or end up on the shoulder you could get stuck or even flip the car.

What is over the shoulder making out?

over the shoulder making out is literally looking back over your shoulder and givng a french kiss to the guy you have in mind.

What does it mean that I love to be carried over a man's shoulder. Does it mean I am gay?

Depends on if you are attracted to the men doing this.

What does it mean when guys looks over his shoulder at you?

He's either paranoid, or he likes looking at you.

Which shoulder do you throw salt over?

The right shoulder

Dribbling the ball over shoulder?

if the ball goes over you shoulder in basketball it is a carry

What do you do when you throw salt over shoulder?

If you have supersticions, you throw salt over your shoulder to get rid of them

What shoulder do you throw salt over after you spill it?

over your right shoulder with your left hand

What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence she glanced over her shoulder?

over her shoulder is the prepositional phrase in the sentence.

The smog technique stands for signal over the shoulder?

Signal Mirror Over your shoulder Go

The SMOG stands for signal over the shouldeR?

i believe its signal, mirror, over the shoulder and then go

What has the author Jessie Matthews written?

Jessie Matthews has written: 'Over My Shoulder' 'Over my shoulder'

When was The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder created?

The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder was created in 1987.

What does high stick mean in hockey?

it means when you hit a player, when your stick is over your shoulder, and he is struck in the face.

What shoulder do you look over when changing lanes?

Left You look over your left shoulder if you are changing into the left lane. Right shoulder for right lane.

What shoulder do you toss salt over for good luck?

the Left Shoulder

In Maryland can a motorcycle ride on the shoulder in heavy traffic?

no "CAN", YES. It is physically possible to operate a motorcycle on the shoulder of the road. "MAY", NO. It is not legal to operate a motorcycle (or any other motorized vehicle) on the shoulder portion of the roadway for the purpose of avoiding or passing in-lane traffic. Also by strict legal definition the common practice of "moving-over" onto the shoulder prior to a right turn is illegal and a ticketable offense. Although you will get horn honks and possibly rear-ended by following traffic: It is not legal to drive a motorized vehicle on the shoulder portion of the road (whether defined by a change in paving or simply a painted line) for any distance in preparation for making a righthand turn at an upcoming intersection. A vehicle must remain within the traffic lane of the roadway until the intersection is entered, whereupon the vehicle is steered into the traffic lane of the intersecting road, unless the 'shoulder' has been clearly marked as a legal turning lane.

What shoulder does your Boy Scout sash go over?

It goes over the right shoulder with the point at your left hip.

When was There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder created?

There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder was created in 1944.

When was Over My Shoulder - I Am Kloot song - created?

Over My Shoulder - I Am Kloot song - was created in 2005.

If someone spills the salt which shoulder do you sprinkle it over?

Throw a pinch over your left shoulder using your right hand.

How do you burp 1999 Malibu?

Throw it over your shoulder and pat it on the back until it burps. Really have no idea what you mean by "burp".

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