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it means making lots of money

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Q: What does putting on a sitting mean in context to the Jazz Age?
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What does tabling a response mean?

It means either putting it aside, or putting it up for debate. Depending on the context of the discussion.

What does it mean when a guy pulls you close when we're sitting and he's putting one arm on your back?

He likes you.

What is the phrase or word when you are sitting down you shake you leg or foot mean?

tremors or ticks in the context of torettes syndrome.

What does it mean when your girlfriend stops putting out?

If by "putting out" you mean pushed away, she's most likely tired of either you, or something your doing. take a step back and try to see whats bothering her, then fix it

What does all that jazz mean?

the jazz era

You girl are sitting very close next to each other in the dark and the guy starts putting his hand in your hair what is it supposed to mean?

He is very interested.

What does Jazz June mean?

Jazz June means to have fun, relaxed. Sometimes though it can also mean to have sex.

Why do you remember Ella Fitzgerald?

we remember he because of her jazz her jazz help us instead of her fighting she scat that mean as in her jazz

Where can someone buy half price jazz tickets?

There are many places to buy jazz tickets. If you mean the Utah Jazz basketball team you can purchase tickets from the NBA. If you mean jazz music tickets you can purchase tickets at Ticketmaster.

Can you play the piano in jazz?

not sure what you mean by that, but yes you can. Search them up on Youtube, or Google for Jazz pianists. (I'm a jazz pianist)

How did the jazz singer help movie industries?

If you mean the movie, "The Jazz Singer", it was the first "talkie".

A name of a jazz dance is?

If you mean different catagories or styles of jazz there are a few different one that I know of. There are Street Jazz, Mordern Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Funk Jazz, Ragtime Jazz, Dixieland Jazz, Freestyle Jazz and I'm sure there are many more. I would try to do a little bit of more of research if your really interested in it.