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"are these cool"

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"Que chula estás" can be translated to "you look so pretty" or "you are so cute" in English.

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Q: What does que chula estas mean in english?
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What does Que estas mean in English?

"are these cool"

What is 'que estas haciendo' in English?

"Que estas haciendo" translates to "What are you doing" in English.

What does que mujer tan chula mean in English?

Translation: What a beautiful woman.

What does 'Que chula estas mami' mean in English?

..."hot stuff", "cutie", "foxy momma".. for example, ¡Hola, mami chula!

What does que estas diciendo mean?

"Que estas diciendo" means "What are you saying?".

What does que estas bien means in English?

"que estas bien" phrase could be translated as English "be well" or "take care" when leaving

What does lo que tu quires chula mean in English?

"Lo que tu quieres, chula" translates to "what you want, beautiful" in English. It is a way to address someone informally while acknowledging their desires or preferences.

What does Deseo que estas aqui ahorita mean in English?

I wish that you were here right now.

What does Necesito que papa por que estas actuando asi mean in English?

The sentence is incomprehensible. Necesito que papa... > there is no sense... 'Necesito que....' = 'I need....'(followed by a verb). 'Papa''s position is ambiguous. 'Papa por que estas actuando asi' > 'Papa, why are you behaving like this?'

What does que paso chula mean?

"Que paso chula" is Spanish for "What's up, beautiful." It is a casual and informal way to greet someone you find attractive.

Meaning of Claro que s de lo que estas hablando in English?


What does que bruja estas loca o que mean?

that these witch or crazy