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What does Elena think of Luis.

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Q: What does que piensa Elena de Luis mean?
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What does eso es que piensa mean in inglish?

It means "That is what you think".

What does you alegro de que usted piensa mean?

It translates to 'I'm glad you think.' It is in the Spanish language.

What DoesAmor mio no se Tu piensa tu eres mas smart que Mean?

Amor mio, no se (accent on the 'e') = I don't know, my love. Tu piensa(s) (que) tu eres mas smart que.... = You think you are smarter than.... (I suspect the 'Me' in 'Mean' is supposed to be the end of the above sentence)

Translate quien piensa que siempre tiene razon?

¿Quien piensa que siempre tiene razón? Who thinks they always have a reason? or idiomatically, Who thinks they are always (in the) right?

How do you say do you think im mean in spanish?

¿Piensa usted / piensan / piensas / pensáis que soy mezquino (a)?You must say in Spanish "ser mezquino, malo, cicatero, cruel, malévolo"piensa usted/piensas que estoy mezquino/a (formal/informal; male/female)

"¿que piensa usted de la tecnología"?

What do you think of technology?

What actors and actresses appeared in El que hambre tiene en bizcocho piensa - 1996?

The cast of El que hambre tiene en bizcocho piensa - 1996 includes: Lupita Sandoval

How do you say What do you think of the product in spanish?

Que usted piensa del Producto ?

Alguien que piensa en si mismo?

Somebody that thinks about himself.

Piensa que es una hermosa noche?

Do you think it's a beautiful night?

What does donde tiene que pagar Jose Luis mean in spanish?

Where does José Luis need to pay

Que piensa la gente del trafico humano?

What do people think of human trafficking?