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If I'm correct it means "What you want b*tch?" or something similar to that.

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Q: What does que quieres puta mean in English?
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What does y que tu quieres que haga mean in English?

and what do you want me to do

What does Que mas you quieres decir mean in English?

Roughly "What more do you mean?"

What Como Quieres Que Te Olvide mean in English?

As you wish I forget about you.

What does que quieres mean in English?

If I'm correct it means "What you want b*tch?" or something similar to that.

What does que no me quieres responder patras mean in English?

It means "you don't want to answer me back"

What does 'Quieres decir que el mundo you' mean in tagalog?

"Quieres decir que el mundo you" is Spanish, not Tagalog. It can be translated to "Do you mean that you're the world?" in English.

How do you translate que mas quieres hacer to English?

¿Qué dice? can mean "What is he (or she, or it) saying?" or "What does he (or she, or it) say?" Or it can mean "What do you say?" or "What are you saying?" (you, formal)

What does quieres que pida el cuarto mean in English?

Translation: Do you want me/him/her to ask for/get the room?

What does porque me quieres agregar mean in english?

Why do you want to add/nominate me - Por que quieres etc. (Question) Because you want to add/nominate me - Porque quieres etc. (Statement)

What does quieres que te lo meta el sabado mean in English?

You want to be the goal on saturday

What does Que quieres comprar para tus clases mean?

It means "What do you want to buy for your classes?" in English.

What does 'Que queries hacer' mean in English?

It means 'What are you asking?' or in other uses it means " which answers?" as a question