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It means "What do you like to play?"

que- what , te-you, gusta-like , jugar-to play

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Q: What does que te gusta jugar mean?
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What does Que Te Gusta y Que no Te Gusta mean?

and you don't like the way i what

What does que te gusta mas mean?

It likes you, but...Que te gusta, masmas --- but, nonethelessmás --- more, the most...

What does que musica te gusta mean in english?

"Que musica te gusta?" translates to "What kind of music do you like?"What music do you like

What does A Que Te Gusta mean?

I bet you like it!

What does Que no te gusta comer por que mean?

Two sentences: ¿Qué No te gusta comer? ¿Por qué? = What don't you like to eat? Why?

What Ati que te gusta hacer mean?

"what do you like to do?"

What does Que te gusta hacer los lunes mean?

it means "What do you like to do on your Saturdays and Sundays.

What does si te gusta lo que compraste mean?

If you like what you bought.

How do you say you like playing basketball in Spanish?

¿Te gusta jugar al baloncesto?

How do you say do you like to play volleyball in spanish?

Te gusta jugar al voleibol?

Como juan a ti te gusta eso?

gusta que

What does algo de lo que ati te gusta mean?

something that you like