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Q: What does quid facit Cornelia hodie?
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How do you say What does he do in Latin?

Quid facit?

How do you spell how are you in Latin?

The Latin 'Be healthy' is Vale / Valete (singular / plural). It is also the normal Latin expression to mean Goodbye.

What is quid facit in Latin?

Quod erat faciendum in Latin is "That which was to be done" in English.

What does the Latin word hodie mean?

Hodie means "today."

When did Facit railway station end?

Facit railway station ended in 1947.

When was Facit railway station created?

Facit railway station was created in 1870.

What is the answers for ecce Romani 1 chapter 6 exercise 6a?

A) Copy question B) Translate question C) Answer question in Latin D) Translate answer 1A) Quis surgit? 1B) Who rises? 1C) Cornēlia surgit. 1D) Cornēlia rises. 2A) Quī dormiunt? 2B) Who is sleeping? 2C) Sextus dormiunt. 2D) Sextus is sleeping. 3A) Quid faciunt servī et ancillae? 3B) What are the slaves and slave women doing? 3C) Servī et ancillae coquere et lānam trahunt. 3D) The slaves and slave women cook and spin wool. 4A) Quid servī ē rīvō in vīllam portant? 4B) What do the slaves carry in the country house? 4C) Servī ē rīvō. 4D) The slaves carry water. 5A) Cūr Cornēlius īrātus est? 5B) Why is Cornēlius angry? 5C) Cornēlius est īrātus quod servī et ancillae sunt nōndum adiuvāre. 5D Cornēlius is angry because the servants and slave-woman are not yet helping. 6A) Quid Aurēlia Cornēlium docet? 6B) What does Aurelia teach Cornelia? 6C) Aurēlia docet Cornēlium observat servī et ancillae. 6D) Aurēlia teaches Cornēlium to watch the slaves and slave-women. 7A) Quid Cornēlia facere parat? 7B) What does Cornēlia prepare? 7C) Cornelia parat cibus. 7D) Cornelia prepares food. 8A) Quid Cornēlia nōn facit? 8B) What does Cornelia not do? 8C) Cornelia nōn reprehendit servī et ancillae. 8D) Cornelia does not scold the slaves and slave-women.

What are derivatives of hodie?


What is facit in latin?

It means "What is he/she/it doing?"

Meaning of Hodie Chirstus Nautus Est?

The correct spelling is "Hodie Christus natus est" which is Latin for "Today Christ is born".

What is meaning of 'quo vadis hodie'?

Where are you going today

What does Gaudeamus hodie mean?

May we rejoice today.