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As a question it means, "Who wants a pet?" As a dependent clause, it means, "...who wants a pet."

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Q: What does quien quiere una mascota mean?
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What does Una pregunta quien eres mean in English?

"Who are you?" -

How do you say do you have a pet in Spanish?

Tienes una mascota?

How do you say I have a pet in Spanish?

Tengo una mascota.

How to say Had a pet in room in Spanish?

Tuve una mascota en el cuarto.

What does Quien es una persona que nada bien mean in Spanish?

"A person who is any good"

How do you say do you have any pets or hobbies in spanish?

Yo no tengo mascotas would be the best way to say "I do not have any pets" in Spanish.

Hola como estan alguien quiere platicar con una colombiana?

¡Hola! Estoy aquí para ayudarte con lo que necesites. ¿En qué puedo apoyarte hoy?

What does hola chicos necesito que alguien you compre no me gusta que mi duena sea una chica prefiero a un chico depende you refiero a ver quien you quiere de mascota lo que podriamos hacer jejejeje?

The statement is Nonsense. Hello boys. I need that some one (you) buy me. I don't like that my owner (could be the slang meaning of wife like "Old Lady") is/would be a girl. I perfer a boy. Depends (you) (Prefiero?) I prefer to see who (YOU) like as a mascot what we could do, hahahaha.

Mujer para cojer?

Hola busco una mujere que quiere conmigo

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The cast of Como quien pierde una estrella - 2005 includes: Jorge Aldama Dacia Arcaraz Roberto Ballesteros Rogelio Guerra

What does Quien esta en una silla de ruedas?

It means, "Who is in a wheel chair?"

You want to party in Spanish?

quiero ir a una fiesta