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Q: What does red mean on country flags?
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Do all country flags have red?

No, they all haven't. India, Pakistan and Argentina are among the examples.

Why are the Italian flags colors green white and red?

Because they represent the Italian country, I think.

What country flags have red gold green and black?

Countries with flags that incorporate red, gold, green, and black include Benin, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Malawi.

What color is found most on country flags?

The most common color found on country flags is red, followed by white and blue. These colors are often used to symbolize patriotism, bravery, purity, and freedom.

What does red and blue and white mean on the UK flag?

the combined flags of England and Scotland

What are the color flags by the lifeguard?

The flags are red and yellow

What does red colour means in different flags?

More often than anything else, red in a flag symbolizes blood shed in defense of that country.

What do the yellow and red flags at the beach mean?

A Red and Yellow flag on a beach in the UK means the beach is patrolled by Lifeguards. When two flags are present, this means that the area between them is being monitored by lifeguards, and is the safest place to swim, bodyboard and snorkel etc. Remember, ALWAYS swim between between the red and yellow flags and NEVER enter the water when the red flag is flying.

What Australia flags and Japanese flags have in common?

They are rectangular and have red and white in them.

What Pictures of the flags?


How many flags are there in the whole world?

There are total of 231 flags of the world.196 country flags

How many country flags are there?

There are 194 countries, so there are 194 country flags. (As of 5/7/08)