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Relevant means important, so it means what are the important detail from the text.

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What is the definition of relevant detail?

It means details that are on the topic in which you are doing

What is relevant detail?

bearing upon or relating to the matter in hand

What is a report text?

a text which give information completely, reach up to global and detail, this text difference with descriptive text.

What does supporting detail means?

A supporting detail is a "commentary" for a text-based concrete detail. It supports the idea while incorporating one's own opinion.

What does relevant frequency mean?

Same meaning as relevant

What is a critical detail?

Critical details are the details that are most important in a text

What does kkl mean in text?

Kkl mean in text

What does detail mean?

A detail is an individual, minute, particular part.

Sources of Malaysian law with relevant examples?

desribe in detail the sources of fund for bisiness and example to substantiate the answer

What are the statistics for the Baltimore Ravens?

They are the numbers that detail the relevant information for each play in which the Ravens have been a participant.

Which detail is least relevant to someone researching Benjamin Franklins genius?

Franklin invented a glass harmonica..

Why was there so much detail about the materials used to build the temple?

why does the text provide so much detail about the materials used to build the temple

What does styles of text mean?

text mean massage

What does the acronym rsvsra mean?

representative and relevant It's B. relevant and representative

What experience and expertise do you bring to this position?

This is an interview question - which only youcan answer !.. It's asking for you to detail relevant experience from previous (similar) jobs you've had - along with proven expertise (relevant qualifications).

What does text-text mean?

Text-Text means how you can relate to another book.

How is the setting relevant to the meaning of a text?

It Tells the time period and place which the action/event occurs

What is the difference between text entry and data entry in terms of keyboard positioning?

The relevant theory of text shows that next puck is the essentials of sean walker!

What does shoot a text mean?

if someone says shoot me a textit means to text them.

What does this symbol mean at the end of a text message?

What does a crown symbol mean at the end of a text

What does text content mean?

It means the writting in the text,

What dose relevant mean?

Relevant means close to or related. Like how is something close to or related to something :)

How does solar energy get made? in perfect detail and its all relevantHopes this helps:D

What is a off topic sentence?

It is a sentence that doesn't provide a relevant detail, so it doesn't have anything to do with the topic sentence and its supporting sentences.

How do you use relevant in a sentence?

The judge decided the prosecution's new evidence was not relevant to the case. Other words that mean relevant are admissible, germane, congruent, and related.

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