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Q: What does result of 4 mean in sedimentation rate-westergren?
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What is x2 x2 mean?

The solution to the problem 2x2 is 4 (the result of multiplication).

When 20 is subtracted from -4 the result is?

The result is: -4-20 = -24

In math what does the word quotient mean?

A quotient is the result of a division.Example:Divide 100 by 25. The quotient (the "answer" to this calculation) is 4.

What does difference mean in mathematical terms?

Difference is the result of subtraction. 5-4=1, 1 is the difference.

Methods of purifying water?

1. flocculation 2. sedimentation 3. aeration 4. ion-exchange 5. reverse osmosis

What does twice the sum of a number and 4 mean?

It means that you add a number to 4, then multiply the result by 2. If you call the number "n", you can also write this in algebra shorthand as:2(n+4)

What tube is Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate collected in?

Black,The tubes are specially used for determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) by the Westergren's Method. The mixing ratio is 1 part citrate solution to 4 parts blood. ESR measurements refer to the Westergren method.

What are the 5 different stages of fossilization?

1 Death 2 Decay 3 sedimentation 4 Permineratisation 5 Exposure + Extraction

What is the result of 5 percent 4 in a c program?

5%4 in a C programme would yield the result 4.

What does product mean in math's?

A "product" is the result of a multiplication. For example, in: 3 x 4 = 12 The number 12 is the product.

What comes first to the last erosion weathering sedimentation cementation deposition?

The order is: 1. Weathering 2. Erosion 3. Deposition 4. Compaction/Cementation

What does the sum mean in math terms.?

Sum is the same as add (an addition). For example, 5 + 4 = 9 is the sum of 5 and 4.

What are the six steps of forming a sedimentary rock?

The 6 steps are; 1. Weathering 2. Erosion 3. Deposition 4. Sedimentation 5. Compaction 6. Cementation

Increase y by 3 and subtract the result from 4 what is the result Provide working please.?

Increase y by 3 is (y+3) Subtracting the result (r) from 4 is 4-r So you are asking for 4-(y+3)=1-y

What does -4 mean?

There are a few things that -4 can mean. This might mean minus 4 or this could mean negative 4.

What is 4 to the third power to the third power?

I guess you mean take 4 to the 3rd power, then take that result to the 3rd power. 4^3 = 64. 64^3 = 262144. Or you can multiply the exponents, and get the same answer: 4^9 = 262144

What is 4 5ths of 55?

do you mean 4/5 ths of 55? If so I think the answer is 44.or divide 55 by 5, then multiply the result (11) by 4 = 44Or:To get the answer, divide 4 by 5 (4/5), which is .8. Then mulitply .8 by 55, which = 44.

What is the result of dividing the value of4 in 245 by the value of 4 in 254?

10 is the result.

How many cells result in meiosis?


How many cells result after meiosis?


When you divide it by 7 the result is 4?


When are 4 cells the final result?


What is the result of 2 plus 2?


What is the result of subtracting 2 from its opposite?


How does sedimentation affect bodies of water?

1. Turbidity (less light) 2. Plant production (Food web) 3. Erosion & habbitat loss 4. Wetlands=Filtration