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What does revision mean?

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If you are west of the Atlantic, it means alteration or overhaul of a literary work. If you are east of the Atlantic, it means to review, study and prepare for an examination in school.

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What does revision literally mean?

Proofreading and editing.

What surgical procedure is S p revision left tkr mean?

Revision surgery is done due to stiffness after TKR.

What does 8.3 mean in the context of naming conventions?

8.3 would mean that the software is the 3rd revision of the 8th version of that particular piece of software. When you see names like "8.3.5", that typically means that they have revised a revision.

How do you say revision in German?

Revision is dieRevision or dieÄnderung in German.=====================================In a scholastic sense revision can also be translated as pauken

What is the abbreviation for revision?

The abbreviation for "revision" is "rev.".

What is map revision?

Define map revision

What part of speech is revision?

Revision is a noun.

How is local revision different from global revision?

Local revision is on a smaller, sentence-level scale.

What is a sentence with the word revision?

Revision means editing or correcting mistakes. Here are some sentences.Your report needs major revision.We sent the papers back for revision.Revision is an important step in good writing.

A revision of or addition to a constitution?

A revision of, or addition to, a constitution

What is cpt code for abdominal scar revision?

scar revision

What does WIR mean on a floor plan?

Work in Revision. This means that this area of the drawing may change.

A sentence that has the word revision in it?

The paper was sent around the table for revision.

What is a good sentence for revision?

The revision of the paragraphs were better than before.

What is the Filipino translation of revision?

Filipino translation of revision: muling pagmamasid

What is a Revision TKA knee Surgery?

revision total knee arthroscopy

What is a good acrostic poem for revision?

what is a good acrostic for revision? :)

What is the difference between local revision and global revision?

that they are not the same thing

What is a primary goal of revision?

Revision reinforces memory. Revision may also help to clarify matters that may not have been entirely clear in the past. Revision may reveal important matters previously overlooked.

How do you use revision in a sentence?

The professor accepted the reseach paper after the student made one key revision.My essay could use another revision.

What is the best revision website?

The best revision website is BBC Bitesize as it has revision for all ages such as: KS1 KS2 KS3 GCSE Scottish Highers

What is accomplished during a papers revision?

You find out your corrections when you go for revision task. It is recommended my all the instructors to save some time for paper revision once the paper is done. You find a lot of mistakes during revision.

Where to find a website about gastric bypass revision.?

You can find information on the gastric bypass revision at It's generally an option for someone who had an issue with their gastric bypass.

What is revision in technical report writing?

In a technical report the revision is a change to the revision that comes before it. Its is often donated: Rev1a, with the "a" changing to "b" for an internal revision change while the "1" changes to a "2" for an external change. Thus after an update you will change the "a" to "b" and if the update is requested by the client the revision will become "2".