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It means "Rosita is not happy. There is a problem".

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Q: What does rosita no esta conenta hay un problema mean in Spanish?
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What is esta'?

esta is a spanish conjugation of the word are.

What is the Spanish translation of esta no que?

this not that esta no que

What is tonight is Spanish?

"Tonight" is "esta noche". "Tonight is Spanish" would be "esta noche es español".

How say 'how are you' in Spanish?

It's Spelled "Como Esta usted" or "Como esta?" pronounced komo esta usted or komo esta

What is the the word for its thundering in spanish?

truena esta tronando (with accent on 'a' in esta')

In Spanish what does esta bein mean?

"Esta bien" in Spanish translates to "It's fine" or "It's okay."

How do you say is the fan off in spanish?

'is the fan (switched) off' in Spanish is 'esta apagado el ventilador?' (with an accent on the 'a' in 'esta')

Where is your cake in spanish?

Donde esta su pastel? Accent over the a in esta.

What does no esta muerto esta viviendo mean in spanish?

he is not dead he is still living

What does Juan no esta triste esta means in spanish?

Translation: Juan is not sad, he is…

What is its hot in spanish?

esta caliente

How do you say where at in Spanish?

donde esta?