What does rsc mean on a ring?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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RSC inside the band of the ring, is the stamp for RS Covenant, a wholesale ring maker.

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what does rse mean on a dimond ring

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Q: What does rsc mean on a ring?
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What does rsc engraved in a ring mean?

10 k

What does 18kt GE RSC stamped in a ring Mean?

18KTGE and RSC: 18KTGE = 18 karat gold electroplated; RSC = jeweller's brand

What does letters RSC mean on inside of ring?

How much does it cost

What does rsc mean in a ring?

"RSC" on the inside of a ring refers to the RS Covenant. RS Covenant is a maker of fine jewelry, and they stamp their products with their initials.

Are the stones on my RSC ring real?

Are these diamonds real in this rsc ring

What does rsc on a silver ring mean?

Don't know

How much are rsc rings worth?

Hey I would like too know is this ring real or fake pla and thank you

What does the code RSC mean on a Ford E-350 van?

What does rsc mean

What does rsc markings on a ring mean?

I just find a ring that rsc in it is it real if so what is it

What does RSC on the band of a ring mean?

Well, there are alot of things it could mean. It could be ~Engraved ~Personalized ~The number/letters a factory gives it to keep track of how many rings they have made Or most likely, ~ It is an R.S. Convenant Ring. I have one of their rings,and it has RSC on the inside band. You can google the name R.S. Convenant and click on their website. They have a fairly long video on the home page showing all of their rings. You can watch that and see if you have one.

Are the diamonds in my ring marked rsc real?

Any markings on the metal mounting for any jewel are indicators of the metal, never the gem. Take your jewelry to a local jeweler, who will test the gem to help you understand what it is.

What does the medical abbreviation RSC mean?

Right Subclavian