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"RSC" stamped on the inside of a gold and diamond ring may indicate the jeweler or manufacturer responsible for creating the piece. It could be their initials or a company trademark that helps identify the origin of the ring's design and production.

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Q: What does rsc mean stamped on the inside of gold and diamond ring?
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What does b inside of a diamond-shape and k inside of a diamond shape stamped right before 14k stamp inside a gold band mean?

What does it mean

What does a diamond symbol stamped inside a ring with H.G.F and a triangle mean?

Heavy Gold Filled..

What does ing mean when stamped inside a gold band?

i have a gold ring with ING stamped on the inside , what does that mean ?

What does 12 mean stamped inside a diamond ring?

More than likely, the 12 stamped in your ring means that it is 12 karat gold.

What does 14KN stamped on the inside of a diamond ring mean?

14KN stamped on the inside of a diamond ring typically means that the ring is made of 14 karat gold with the "N" indicating that it is a natural gold alloy. This stamp signifies the purity of the gold used in the ring.

What does GS mean when stamped inside a gold ring?

GOLD SHELL = Equals fake or gold plate If the GS stamp is inside of a diamond shape it's the makers mark for Gottlieb & Sons.

What does Ev 18 mean on C kt ring?

what does ev1 stamped on the inside of a marquise cut 14 carat gold diamond ring?

What does a et stamp mean on the inside of a whitegold diamond ring?

i have a ring thats white gold with 14K stamped along with ET inside of a circle stamped and also the number 25, what do these stamps mean, im especially curious of what ET means

What does jlj stamped inside a diamond ring mean?

This may be an identifier of the setting stamped there by the manufacturer.

What does 3HD673 mean when stamped inside a gold diamond ring?

this is a code in hexadecimal used to identify the cost when it is scanned. Other rings have other codes

What do the stamped markings AK inside a gold bracelet mean?

Gold Plated

What does a symbol of a diamond stamped inside a ring along with 18 KT G E mean?

18KT Gold Electroplate. The rings base metal is electroplated with 18 kt gold.