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What does salt water ecosystem mean?


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Marine or salt lake ecosystem is called salt water ecosystem .

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An aquatic ecosystem that is formed by a mixture of salt water and fresh water is known as an estuary. This type of ecosystem has brackish water, which is a mix of fresh and salt water, in an area that is partially enclosed, is fed by a river or stream and is also connected to the open sea.

water in the lake but not any water salt water idiots

Sorry for this short answer... Earth. A briny water ecosystem can contain both salt and fresh water, though it is all mixed together. These ecosystems are where a fresh water source, such as a river, meets a salt water source, such as an ocean. River deltas commonly have briny water.

according to earth ecosystem yes salt water is the main source of drinking water . Its easy to say that we surely depnd on salt water coz 3 forth of earth is water . And salt water is the main source for sure .


Well, a saltwater ecosystem would be a sea of mixed waters as long as it has salt water in it. ~Crystal Waters

Salt water, small fish, plants.

It is a deep water, salt water fish that is found in coastal waters.

Anywhere there is an established ecosystem and you suddenly substitute salt water for fresh water or vice versa, you would have significant disruption of the ecosystem. However, the first places you would see organisms being displaced or being driven out of an area would be the estuaries, where fresh water meets salt water in swamps, river deltas and other boundary-type waters.

A water ecosystem is a ecosystem that has water and water animals.

Air and water. Air is a homogeneous mixture Water is a heterogeneous mixture

Salt marshes are an area between land and brackish water that are known to flood. Salt marshes collect sediments and nutrients that are vital to the ecosystem.

The ocean ecosystem is where there is more salt water than fresh water involved in the balance of the landscape. Other aquatic ecosystems are fresh water lakes, rivers and estuaries. The ocean ecosystem specifically identifies life forms found in the ocean

Freshwater Ecosystems- it has flowing and standing water, has some to none salt

Its considered freshwater and salt water because they both meet together

no, and I think you mean "salt water chlorine generator" not "salt water pump"

95% of Earth's water contains high concentration of salt, or high salinity

Desalination (to desalinate) means to take out the salt. If you boil salt water, the water turns to gas and leaves the salt behind.

Water, hah Yeah they live in water, i mean who wouldn't know that, but to my knowledge they also live in the Pelagic ecosystem.

marine life gives us water ,salt , fishes etc.but we ourselves are disturbing and destroying the marine ecosystem for our needs and greed.if there are little water, water from oceans and seas can be treated

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