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  • Scientific means that it has something to do with science and it is based on science. Scientific facts are also proven to be true by science.

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The Scientific Method is the Method in which you induct a scientific experiment.

I dont know what you mean but scientific, but if you mean birth name its James Howlett

do u mean scientific notation? in scientific notation, the answer is 5.6x10-4

on the scientific word for solution is anwser

That would depend on the scientific theory in question.

scientific attitudes are the attitudes that a scientist should have.

I really don't know. Do you mean like one with scientific words or just scientific?

You mean hypothesis, it means a scientific guess.

Scientific content include specific capacities, understandings, and abilities in science. It is different from the scientific curriculum. Scientific curriculum is the way scientific content is delivered.

Not scientific. Not literal.

I believe you mean scientific notation. 0.0000547 in scientific notation is 5.47 x 10-5.

A laboratory is a workshop where scientific experiments or practical scientific work is carried out.

Africa. I guess. I don't know what you mean by "scientific" country.

when you see an arrow on a scientific equation it means yield

9,080,000 in Scientific Notation = 9.08 x 106

if you mean cocaine then the scientific name is actually cocaine. no other name for it unless you mean the chemical equation for it which is C17H21NO4

Scientific the thing scientific is that people say they are nice then other people say they are mean so there is an opinion about dolphins

i think it mean what happened after the experiment

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