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The word 'scold' is not an Irish Gaelic word.

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Q: What does scold mean in Gaelic Irish or Celtic?
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What is warrior of christ in Gaelic?

In Irish "Celtic warrior" is "gaiscíoch Ceilteach".

What does Gaellic mean?

"Gaelic" typically refers to the Celtic language spoken in Ireland (Irish Gaelic) or Scotland (Scottish Gaelic). It is a branch of the Celtic language family and has a rich cultural and historical significance in both countries.

What are Celtic words for horse farm?

The Irish Gaelic word is capall. The Scottish Gaelic is each. The Welsh word is ceffyl or march. The Cornish word for Horse is Margh. There is not a single Celtic language but six. The others are Manx Gaelic and Breton.

Do people say Celtic when they mean Gaelic?

There's some confusion about the use of the term 'Celtic'. Irish music is often classified as 'Celtic' leading some to think that Irish, Gaelic and Celtic are interchangeable terms. That may be partly the reason but a general lack of knowledge is also likely. The equally Celtic Welsh, Breton and Cornish aren't thought of. The erroneous 'Welsh Gaelic' is seen at times. A few think there is a single language called 'Celtic'.

What are the Celtic words for moon?

There are sixWelsh = canol nos, hanner nos Breton = hanternozCornish = hanter nosIrish Gaelic = meán oícheManx = mean oieScottish Gaelic = meadhan-oidhche

What does the name Bryan mean?

The name Bryan is of Celtic, Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "high, noble". Could also mean "strength". In Celtic it specifically means "Strong One"

What does 'múinteoir' mean in Irish Gaelic?

"múinteoir" means "teacher" in Irish Gaelic.

What does the name breauna mean?

Breauna is an alternate form of Breanna (English, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic): form of Brianna. It means high (great), noble, exalted.

What does Alana mean in Irish?

It is a feminine form of Alan which is a Celtic name but Breton rather than Irish.It is thought to mean 'rock' or 'handsome'. A similar name, Alannah, is from the Irish Gaelic phrase a leanbh meaning "O child".

Is Gaelic the same as Celtic?

Gaelic is an English word referring to the three Celtic languages of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.In their respective languages they are called Gaeilge, Gàidhlig and Gaelg. In Ireland the language is called simply 'Irish' in English and 'Gaelic' is thought to mean Scottish Gaelic.Despite this some overseas continue to refer to Irish as 'Gaelic' confusing the issue. Perhaps the best compromise is the call them 'Irish Gaelic', 'Scottish Gaelic' and 'Manx Gaelic'.

What does martelli mean in Irish?

It has no meaning in Irish Gaelic.

What does cardin mean in Irish?

It is not an Irish (Gaelic) word.