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sea weed is a producer it selomly just needs the sun.

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Why do seaweed need to live in the ocean?

Seaweed has to live in the ocean because they need the ocean's salt water to survive. You can not get a tub of salt water and think that you can grow seaweed.

How does seaweed get nutrients to live?

The seaweed get nutrients from the sea water to live.

What kind of seaweed live in the Arctic Ocean?

Arctic seaweed live in the arctic.

What kinds of seaweed live in freshwater?

freshwater seaweed,freshwater seaweed, and uhh,freshwater seaweed. that's what kind!

What are adaptations of red seaweed?

well first it doesn't need to eat it photosynthesise and it can also live in much warmer waters than other seaweed i think

What animals live in seaweed?

There are many small animals that live in seaweed. Invertebrates such as, bristle worms, scud, prawn, snails, and brittle stars feed on the seaweed. Sea stars, anemones, crabs, jellyfish, and other small fish live in seaweed.

How long does seaweed live?

How long seaweed lives depends on the type of seaweed. Some varieties are perennial and live for many years, others are annual and live only one growing season.

Does seaweed live underwater?

i depends some seaweed live under water some on rocks but they mostly live near the beach

Does seaweed live in freshwater?

Look up Susswassertang on wikipedia. Freshwater plant whose name means freshwater seaweed. Yes, I live on a lake and we have A TON of seaweed

What plants do dolphins live with?

The plant they live with is seaweed.

Do fish live in seaweed?


Can seaweed live in freshwater?


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What plants live on a beach?


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What plant live on the beach?


What plants live at the beach?


Can a clown fish eat green seaweed?

no but they can eat black seaweed. green seaweed is poisonous to all fish and things that live in the water.

How is a seaweed adapted to live on the reef?

The seaweed grows and lives in the ocean.The seaweed is a plant that adapts to the ocean very easily and it is food for the fishes

Does seaweed live in the Pacific Ocean?


Does seaweed live in a pond?

No it lives in the sea

What kind of producers live on the seashore?


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