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Q: What does signed mean on an item?
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What is dual signature?

Dual SignedA dual signed (two signatures) or multi-signed item is a term used to destiguish it from an item that has only been signed by a single person.

What does coa mean on a signed baseball?

Certificate Of AuthenticityFor a signed baseball COA would mean Certificate Of Authenticity. Like a Letter of authenticity it verifying the originality or genuineness of a sports collectibles item. If the letters COA is written on a hologram or sticker it should have a matching letter accompanying it at verify it is the item authenticated.

How do you add things to your cart at target com?

When you want an item put your curser on the button "add to cart" and do that with each item until done.

What is the value of a signed autograph by Tiny Tim worth?

It depends on what the item is that he signed, its condition, its rarity and whether it is sought after.

What does it mean if an item is on hold?

It may mean that the item is reserved.

Rarest Harry Potter item?

something from the movies signed by the cast

How much is dusty baker's autograph worth?

Less than the item it was signed to

What George Washington item is more imortant A commemorative funeral medal campaign buttons or a signed lottery ticket?

it was the signed lottery ticket

Signed by the Pilgrims in 1620 this item was the first American government document?

The Mayflower Compact

What is the value of an item signed by all 4 Beatles?

could be worth a great deal of money but it all depends on if you can prove that they really signed it authenticity

What does it mean Item dispatched to overseas?

the item is on its way to your country

How do you find item number on item?

Depends, on what you mean... If you want to find an ITEM number at TESCO'S its easier to ask staff, or its at the bottom of the item. If you mean.. how do you find an item number ON Tesco's, You can't Tesco's isn't a item, it's a store.

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