What does signify mean?

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October 19, 2010 5:02PM

Signify can mean to show something, or it can mean the meaning

of something. For example: His actions signify one thing, while his

words signify something different.

I am studying the Book of Revelation currently and here is what

I have found. I returned to the Greek and see that "signified it" "semaino" from the word "sema" - to signify by

a sign or mark... Elsewhere I found the verb, "esemanen", which

means "sign" or "symbols". God gave the Revelation to Christ,

Christ employed an angel to communicate it to the churches through

the apostle, John, and John communicated it to the churches and to

all believers in Christ. It did not come simply, this revelation.

It came by glorious, powerful images, which allowed John, and now

us, as readers, to become involved and enraptured by the

interpretation. John received the divine words and human words as a

Revelation, with God as the ultimate source of the Revelation. God

made known to John the contents of the book, and He makes the

contents known to us as well.

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