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The slash s before a name on a signature line typically stands for "for" or "on behalf of." This indicates that the person signing the document is signing in a representative capacity for someone else or a group.

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Q: What does slash s before a name on a signature line mean?
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How does a zero line look like?

by zero line do you mean 0? or do you mean 0 with the slash in it like this /?

What does - before a signature mean?

N.K.A before a signature means "now known as."

What does by mean on a contract signature line?


What does NKA before a signature mean?

N.K.A before a signature means "now known as."

What does a s slash s mean on a signature line?

/s/ on a signature line means that the signature is on the original document, not on the copy that you're holding. It is a representation that the original document is properly signed, but for some reason you only have an unsigned copy of the document. An unsigned copy of a document may be used for reference only or it may be a file copy (when it is not necessary to have a signed copy of the document).

What does By and Its mean in a contract signature line?

It sounds like a signature line designed for a corporate entity. For example: ". . . by Samantha Santucci its President and Treasurer . . . "

What does symbol of greater than with a line under it and a slash through it mean?

Not greater than or equal to.

What does 'by' on a construction contract signature line mean?


What does a slash mean before a name signature in emails?

It is intended to suggest a signature as opposed to just the typed name. I suspect this practice derives from similar signifiers used in typewritten copies of legal documents. It also seems likely that it is related to the practice of using slashes to represent /italics/. The parallel with closing HTML tags () may also have helped to cement this practice as it is used at the end of an email. This seems like a more tenuous connection but it does account for the loss of the slash after the name. Another explanation for that could be that the email style is a blend of two common typewritten styles (see below). Email version: /John Doe Typewriter versions: s/John Doe /John Doe/

What does Its mean on the sinature line of a document?

"Its" on the signature line of a document could be an abbreviation for the person's name or initials. It is common for individuals to sign documents using their initials to provide a quick and recognizable signature.

What does it mean le SLASH vel?

"Le" means "the" in French, and "slash" refers to the forward slash (/) symbol. So "le SLASH vel" would mean "the vel forward slash" in a mixture of French and English.

Does an o with a line through it mean the letter o or zero?

The letter 'O' with a slash through it is the number zero.