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Q: What does small bones do to the ear?
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What do a hammer anvil and stirrup have in common?

The Anvil, Hammer and Stirrup are small bones in the middle ear.

Where are small bones located?

your ear

In what parts of the body are the bones small?

Inside the ear

What part of ear these are the three small bones?

the middle ear they also have there names as HAM

What is the bone called in your ear?

Three bones in your ear hammer, stirrup, anvil.

What is another name for three small bones?

Ear ossicles

Are the three small bones in the ear collectively known as the stirrup?


How does the eardrum work?

the ear drum is a part of your ear which vibrates to send the sound onto the three small bones.

What is the hammer an anvil?

The Hammer an Anvil are small bones in the ear

What is the small bones of your body?

it support and it give shape

What is the major bone in the ear?

The bones of the ear are located in the middle ear and are called the ossicles, which include the malleus, incus, and stapes. The middle ear is a small cavity that conducts sound to the inner ear by means of these three tiny, linked, moveable bones. ( I got it from Google)

How does the incus in the ear work?

The incus is one of the small bones in the middle ear. Sound waves hit the ear drum and together with the other bones it tends to transmit the vibrations from the ear drum to the cochlea to the brain so as to unable one to hear.