What does snakehead fish eat?


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It eats mainly live foods.such as worms,crustaceans,mosquito larva,small fish.

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they will eat any thing in there path

where does the snakehead fish live

The Snakehead fish is NOT Poisonous.

can I buy a pet snakehead fish

Get a doctor for help if you get bitten by a snakehead fish.

The Snakehead fish eats fish, plants, insects, and crabs.

yes you can eat snake head fish. ----- Yes. Snakehead Fish is a delicacy in Thai and Chinese cooking.

Mainly fish, but will also eat any small animal, like frogs and small mammals.

No, snakehead fish doesn't live in Montana.

- Snakehead fish can devour large amounts of food- They have eaten all other fish in a pond before- They could eat a human if they were k longer!!!- They have no natural predators!!That is why they are a problem.

Yes. There are many americans that fish for and eat them. The navy guys in virginia told me they were the best white meat fish they have eaten.

They eat other fish and trale in land bicth

it will accept all live food and often frozen food.

cattle, goat, beans, wheat, rice, and northern puffer fish

no not that i am aware of because i think they related to coper heads ( from us )

snakeheads fish lived in china...........

The northern snakehead fish came from China, Korea, and Russia. and now is very common in the USA as a non-native species.

Yes Snakeheads are freshwater fish.

yes they are very bad...they can crawl on land breath air and can eat babies and small dogs

Yes they can.I caught one in the Florida Keys on a reef and it was a snakehead.

No. The snakehead fish is a freshwater fish.

The Snakehead fish is a freshwater predatory fish. it is native to Africa and Asia. They can be distinguished from other fish by being very long with a long fin on the top and slightly shorter fin on the bottom.

Yes, they walk (on their fins) from lake to lake, river to river and they eat and destroy everything in their path. All native fish are destroyed.

One is a snakehead fish but there could be more

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