What does snorting and overdosing on lamictal do?

Lamictal is an anti-convulsant. It is typically used to help people with seizures. However, it can be used for other purposes. One example would be someone with the bipolar disorder. The drug can be described for bipolars. Don't know if you plan on snorting this stuff but I would not recommend it. I don't know what will happen if you snort Lamictal but I can't imagine snorting an anti-convulsant would end well with the person doing it.


I take Lamicatal for the bipolar disorder so that is how I know a lil something about this drug. Don't snort it if that is what you are planning... seriously, don't. If this is not enough to convince one not to snort lamictal then take a look at the OD symptoms of lamicatal.

  • Coordination problems
  • Involuntary eye movements
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness or coma
  • Irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia)
  • Loss of life.