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Sodapop Curtis likes girls and cars.

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Is sodapop curtis blonde?

Yes Sodapop Curtis is blonde. Your welcome โ˜บ

What was a significant event for sodapop curtis?

What wad a significant event for sodapop Curtis

What is soda pops last name in outsiders?

His full name is Sodapop Curtis

How old is Sodapop in the Outsiders?

Sodapop Curtis is 16, going on 17.

What does Johnny Curtis look like in 'The Outsiders'?

There is no Johnny Curtis, there is Johnny Cade and the 3 Curtis boys: Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry.

Whats sodapops name from outsiders?

Sodapop Curtis. If you read the book you would know that Sodapop Curtis is on his birth certificate.

Who are ponyboy's brothers?

Sodapop Curtis and Darrel (Darry) Curtis

What are differences between Sodapop and Darry Curtis?

One of the differences between Sodapop and Darry Curtis is that Sodapop is more happy go lucky while Darry is a worrier. Sodapop is understanding while Darry is tough.

Who played Sodapop in The Outsiders?

In The Outsiders, Rob Lowe played Sodapop Curtis.

Where does sodapop live?

Sodapop lives with Ponyboy and Darry. He is the middle Curtis brother.

Who is related to Ponyboy?

Darrell"Darry" Curtis & Sodapop Curtis are related to Ponyboy Curtis.

What does Sodapop Curtis look like?

Sodapop Curtis looks like a movie star handsome. People stop just to look at him. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a muscular build. He's tall and has golden-colored "Greaser" hair.

Who were ponyboy's brothers in The Outsiders?

Darrel (Darry) Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

What does sodapop curtis like in the book ousiders?

he likes fights, Ponyboy, and drag racing

How did Sodapop Curtis die?

Sodapop Curtis dies in the Vietnam war. this is if you talking about the outsiders this is when the book is finish he doesn't die in the book. This is after Ponyboy does his report

Who was ponyboys brother?

Ponyboy has 2 brothers Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

Is darry Curtis a greaser?

Yes Darry Curtis is a greaser.ALong with his brothers Sodapop Curtis,an Ponyboy Curtis,and others who arent his brother

What is sodapops full name?

Sodapop Patrick Curtis.

What is sodapop's middle name?

Sodapop Patrick Curtis

Who is ponyboys brothers?

Ponyboy's two brothers are Darrel Shaynne Curtis, Jr. (called Darry) and Sodapop Patrick Curtis. Darry is the oldest and Sodapop is the middle brother.

Why did sodapop drop out of school?

Sodapop Curtis dropped out of school because he was failing at it. He also wanted to help with the money payments

When did sodapop Curtis die?

It doesn't say so in the book, but S.E. Hinton has stated that Sodapop dies in Vietnam.

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