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What does someone have to do to be a good scientist?

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First, become as familiar as you can with the research that has been done in your field of inquiry. Then, make sure that you use the scientific method in all of your research. A good scientist is: # Curious

# Imaginative

# Resourceful

# Intellectually honest

# A Parallel thinker

# An analytical thinker

# Self motivated

# Patient

# Persistent

# Methodical

# Objective

# Diligent

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What is a good career for someone who loves science math and psychology?

A good career would probably be a Scientist!!

Was Alfred wegener a good scientist?

Yes,Alfred Wegener is a good scientist.

Who is a forensic scientist?

A forensic scientist is someone that study's blood and blood spatters

What are savants?

A savant is someone who is very smart in a specific area. A good example is a scientist who is very well known for his or her work.

What is a good sentence using social scientist?


What are the Qualities of a good computer scientist?

Pls i want to know the qualities of a good computer scientist

Characteristics of good scientist?

Outside of just a basic intelligence and language skills, a good scientist should be extremely logical and analytical. Also, a good scientist needs to be organized and methodical.

What is a marine scientist?

it is someone that controls marines.

What is a famous animal scientist?

A famous animal scientist is someone who studies animal behavior in their environment.

Who can become a life scientist?

someone that had study hard and al ready have diplomas of a life scientist

How much time it takes to become a primary scientist?

well, it can take at least ten years and good research to be a good scientist. graduation, post- graduation, bachelors and masters are important to be completed to be a good scientist. anything left will not make you a real scientist.

What is a scientist that study politics?

The area of study is political science, so someone who studies it is a political scientist.

What do you call someone who studies environments?

environmental scientist

What is a cryologist?

Someone ( a scientist) who studies snow and ice

What is the name of someone working in a field of science?

A scientist.

Skills needed to be a good scientist?

skills needed to be a good scientist: good communication skills good observation patience intelligence hard worker experimental creative

Are scientist and inventors the same thing?

Generally speaking, no. A scientist is someone who studies scientific theories or principles. An inventor is someone who invents things. Some particular scientist might invent something, but the definition of the two words is different.

What made Mary Fairfax Somerville a good scientist?

the thing which made her a good scientist was her talent and interest in every subject

What are three of the traits mendel possessed that made him a good scientist?

i dont really know but someone pls found out what the answer is plssssss thank yyou

Why might someone become a citizen scientist?

for help scientist finish their work quickly and learn more about the world

What type of noun is scientist?

The noun scientist is a singular, common noun, a word for someone who is trained in science, especially someone whose job is to do scientific research; a word for a person.

Why did Galileo want to become a scientist?

== == Galileo wanted to be a scientist because he develop the character of a scientist and he is curios about the world around him that's what make him a good scientist.

Was Galileo a good scientist?


Will a good scientist estimate measurement?


Good traits of a scientist?

Good traits of a scientist is that he/she know what he/she doing they also must be responsible and disciplined and they should be open-minded