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It means, "They're white".

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Q: What does son blancos mean in spanish?
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What do es and son mean?

"Es" and "son" mean "is" and "are" in Spanish.

How do you say white tennis shoes in spanish?

You say "zapatos tenis blancos".

How do you say in spanish Fill in the blanks?

llenar los blancos/espacios/vacios

How do you say.. Do you like white boys in spanish?

¿Te gustan los chicos blancos

What does spanish son mean?

they are

What does son todos mean in spanish?

From Spanish to English "son todos" means 'they/you are all'.

What does mi'Jo mean in spanish?

my son

What does popi mean in spanish?


What is the population of Palos Blancos?

Palos Blancos's population is 2,961.

What is Barros Blancos's population?

Barros Blancos's population is 13,553.

How do you say polar bear in Spanish?

Oso Polar. Polar bear in Spanish is oso polar (OH-so po-LAHR).

What do son sopas mean?

Son sopas means "they are soups" in Spanish.