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What does sound not travel through?

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Sound can travel through any medium. If you remove the medium you would end up with a vacuum. It is in vacuums that sound cannot travel as it needs a medium to travel (it travels as a compression wave or shear wave).

Space is almost a perfect vacuum so sound is unable to travel through space.



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Why doesn't sound travel on the Moon?

Sound does not travel on the moon because there are no air molecules for the sound to travel through. Sound only can travel if there's a medium for it to travel through, like air molecules, a liquid, or solids. Sound travels through vibrations. If there is nothing for sound to travel through, the sound can travel.

Can sound travel through a vaccum?

No, sound cannot travel through a vaccum, since there are no molecules/atoms for the sound to travel through... -.-

Which environment will sound not travel through?

Sound will not travel through a vacuum.

Why does the sound not travel through vacuum?

The sound not travel through vacuum because sound need a medium to travel.

Sound can travel through what?

sound can travel through air liquids and solids

Why can't sound travel through metal?

sound can travel through metal.

What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

Sound waves do not travel through what?

Sound wave do not travel through vaccum as it need medium to travel.

Which of the following can sound not travel through?

sound can travel through any substance that has the ability to vibrate, so pretty much sound can travel through everything.

Can sound travel through different materials?

Sound can travel through a variety of materiels.

Can sound travel easily through a vacuum?

sound cannot travel through a vacum

How does sound travel through vocal cords?

sound travel through your vocal cords by

How fast can sound travel through a vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

Can sound travel through steel?

sound can travel through any medium ,except through vacuum

What can sound not travel through?

Since sound is a mechanical wave (it needs a substance to travel through) it cannot travel through a vacuum.

Does sound travel faster through space or room temperature?

sound does not travel through space because sound needs medium to travel..

Can both light and sound travel through glass?

Both light and sound can indeed travel through glass. These are substances in which light and sound often travel through.

What does sound need to travel through?

sound needs a medium to travel through, it could be air, a gas ,solid,or liquid sound cant travel through a vacum

What can't sound travel through and why?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum, such as in outer space. "Sound" refers to waves of compression which travel through matter. When there is no matter, there can be no such waves, and therefore no sound.

Where do sound waves travel through?

Sound waves travel through matter, whether solid, liquid, or gas. They do not travel through vacuum.

Can Sound waves can travel in a vacuum?

No. Since there is nothing sound can travel through, sound cannot travel.

What materials can sound travel through?

sound can travel through air , water and lots more

Can sound travel through plasma?

yes., sound can travel through plasma because it is matter.

Does sound travel through rock?

yes sound does travel through rocks because of the vibration.

Can sound waves travel through clouds?

Yes, sound waves can travel through clouds.

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