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Q: What does sound orchestra mean in drama?
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What does this mean Sound that is the only one different from its location in the orchestra?


Why was the orchestra important in Greek theater?

The orchestra puts the drama in the Greek Theatre.

What does volume mean in Drama?

It means the way you sound or how you talk.

What does sound scape mean in drama terms?

decardia key rocks

What does tone mean in drama terms?

In drama terms 'tone' means how you want to make your voice sound. Say perhaps you were pretending to be from France you would make your voice sound like a Frenchman.

How did Wagner accomplish his new music drama-reflections by the orchestra of the stage action?

With leitmotifs...

How does an orchestra work?

orchestra produce a harmonious sound because of it's mixed instruments.

How many violins is in a orchestra?

It varies depending on the size of the orchestra. The sound must be balanced.

What does a french horn do for an orchestra?

Overall, it adds to the total ensemble sound of the orchestra. It's sound can be quite mellow, and is sometimes used as a solo instrument.

What does vocal expressions mean in drama?

it means that if the role or words tell you to make it sound sad,you use your voice and put sorrow or misery in its sound.

How many time more is the orchestra than the soloist if the orchestra has a sound intensity of 100 db and the soloist has a sound intensity of 90 db?

10 times.

Put orchestra in a sentence?

the other day i went to listen to a beautiful sound or the orchestra.I played in a orchestra the other day

What are all the songs from the itv drama advert august 2012?

cinematic orchestra- to build a home

What is the use of the trumpet?

to make the orchestra sound good... :)

What is the role of the trumpet in an orchestra?

Yes, that is the most basic answer to the question..but, I played in an orchestra (played trumpet of course) and at a personal stand point, I think the trumpet adds a brighter and "fuller" sound for the orchestra. Any brass instrument would do this, but the trumpet originally has a brighter sound.

What instruments make up the pit orchestra in the sound of music?

A Standard orchestra but with only one instrument of each instrument

Why is a piano in an orchestra?

Orchestras just have pianos, perhaps because they sound nice with all the other instruments in the orchestra. The piano is also usually the main performer, and the rest of the orchestra accompanies.

Which instrument dominated the sound of the Baroque orchestra and generally led to the rising popularity of instrumental music?

The instrument that dominated the sound of the Baroque orchestra, and generally led to the rising popularity of instrumental music was the violin.

What determines the placement of a symphony orchestra on a stage?

The orchestra is most commonly situated centered on the stage. This is to achieve balance in sound to the listeners.

What forms the core of sound in the Western classical orchestra?

The Strings

Why are bagpipes not in an Orchestra?

The sound does not really go with the other instruments.

What does orchestra mean?

An orchestra is a large ensemble with a variety of different instruments. The musicians in the orchestra work together to play a variety of repertoire.

What does the name Trans Siberian Orchestra mean?

It is a Orchestra. They have Great music. Mostly Christmas music.look them up!

What does corporate role mean in drama?


What orchestra instruments make a rattling sound?

Percussions ... snare drum, perhaps.