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When would sound travel the fastest?

Sound travels fastest in a solid because the particles are closely packed meaning the particles can pass the sound wave on without any gaps in between. It travels through a gas the slowest as the particles are spaced out meaning they only occasionally bump into each other to pass on the sound wave.

What state of matter does sound energy pass through?

Sound can pass through any state of matter.

What can sound cannot pass through?

Sound cannot pass through a sound-proof wall or insulation. What this is made of I don't know.

What can't sound waves travel through?

Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. They must travel through a medium, such as a gas, liquid, or solid. Sound waves travel the fastest through a solid. Sound waves are made of vibrating material be it a liquid a gas or a solid There is no material in a vacuum so there is nothing to pass the vibration through.

What substance allows heat to pass through it the fastest?

the substancese thatlet heat pass through them are metals you idiot

What kinds of matter can sound travel through?

Sound waves (depending on length and initial decible level) can pass through any matter. In fact, it has been through the use of sound waves that we determined the core of our planet is mostly super hot-liquid iron!

Can light pass through an iron ore?


How does the sound pass to the ear drum?

through the sound waves.

Why sound does not pass through the glass?

There is no "why". Sound passes through glass quite easily.

What material does light pass through fastest?

Light is however the most fastest thing. But it has been concluded that it travells the fastest in vacuum.

Does sound travel faster through molecules that are far apart?

No. Sound waves travel fastest through mediums that have tighter or more densely packed molecules. Longitudinal waves need a conductor (i.e. molecule) to transmit sound. The closer the molecules are, the faster a sound wave is able to pass from one to another. Therefore, sound travels fastest through solid mediums (densely packed molecules), then liquids (less densely packed), then gases (least densely packed).

How is sound transmitted through a medium?

Sound causes vibrations in waves that pass through a medium.

Can sound travel through under water and how?

Yes sound can pass through. They are mechanical waves

Which soil will water pass through fastest?


Would sound travel more quickly through wood air or juice?

Sound travels through air the fastest since air has the least amount of particles(thus having the most space for the sound to travel) in it than wood and juice. The particles of wood are tightly packed together, meaning that there is hardly any space for the sound to pass through. The particles in the juice (and any liquid) roll over each other, thus having some space for sound to pass through.

Can sound pass through solids?


Can sound pass through a closed car?


Does magnetic force pass through iron?


Can electric current pass through iron oxide?


What materials will sound travel through?

Sound waves will travel through gases, liquids, and solids. Sound waves cannot pass through a vacuum.

What a material that current can pass through easily?

Metals mainly. Iron copper water these are things electricity can pass through

Through which materials will magnetism pass?

it is metal iron and nickel

Can sound energy pass through empty space?


How do sound waves travel differently than light waves?

Sound waves must have a medium to pass through, such as air. Light can pass through a vacuum such as space.

What are 3 mediums that sound waves pass through?

Anything made up of atoms will allow sound to pass through. You can classify such materials any way you wish.