What does speed is relative mean?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It means there's no answer to the question "How fast is it really moving ?", because there's

no such thing as "real" motion. Motion always means "compared to" something else.

Did you ever read a book while you were sitting in an airliner that was flying past the ground

at 400 miles an hour ?

"Relative to" the ground, the airplane was going 400 miles an hour. And so was the book.

But relative to you, the book wasn't moving at all; its speed was zero.

Which speed was real, 400 mph or zero ? They were bothreal, and neither one was more real

than the other one.

Motion, speed, distance, and place, are always "compared to" something else.

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Q: What does speed is relative mean?
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Speed what does it mean?

Speed is the relative velocity of a body (such as an athlete) given a frame of reference (such as the ground).

What is relative wind speed?

Relative for starters means exact or close to. Wind Speed is how fast the air is blowing. It other words, this would mean an estimate or exact measurement to the Wind Speed.

What does the input turbine speed sensor malfunctioning in a ford escort mean?

it controls the overdrive function and shift timing relative to speed

What speed does have the earth?

Speed must be specified relative to something. Relative to the Sun, the speed of Earth is about 30 km/second. Relative to the Milky Way, or relative to the Local Group, you would get different numbers.

Why is mass not relative?

Mass IS relative to the speed you are going.

What is relative speed?

Relative speed is the speed between two moving objects with no regards to a fixed reference. Speed is how fast something is moving with respect to an object.

What do we mean when you say that motion is relative?

It means the motion you measure for something depends on where you measure from. For example, You are on the sidewalk and measure the speed of a truck and its driver to be 60mph. But if you were in the truck and measured the speed of the driver it would be zero, because now, relative to you, the driver is not moving.

What is the relative speed of liquid particles?


What is slow speed?

The answer depends on relative to what!

What does relative refractive index tells?

The relative refractive index tells the speed of light in a vaccum over the speed of light in medium.

How fast can a man on a train run?

the answer is relative.. if you are standing on the same train, for you the man will be running as fast as it would do on the ground. If you are standing on the ground, then his speed relative to you will be the composition of the train speed + his speed. to make it more interesting.. think now that the train it's running with a speed that approach the speed of light relative to you.

Is speed and distance the same thing?

No, distance and speed are two separate measurements. Distance is how far an object moves relative to speed and time, and speed is how fast an object moves relative to time and distance.