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It means that the person getting the tatoo couldn't come up with any original tattoo ideas. The sholder-webs belong in the same category as barbed wire around the bicep, roses on the ankle, a the legendary "tramp-stamp".


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spider webs are made out of spider silk.

No. Tigers are no afraid of spider webs. It is doubtful that spider webs matter to them at all.

no spider webs can not be different colors

Webs, like real spider webs? No. The word "spider monkey" is just a descriptive name, like "dragonfly" or "bull terrier" and does not mean that these monkeys are even remotely similar (biologically) to spiders.

Spider webs are sticky, clinging and tend to get entangled. So in this dream the spider webs represent problems that are "tying you up," or getting you "entangled" in something you would rather avoid.

Because the spider could not put a lot of webs in him.if it did he would not have unlimited webs.

Fake spider webs are made of cotton instead of a sticky, stringy material like the real webs are made of. By using cotton, the webs are easier to place and to clean up.

No, spider webs are usually used for capturing insects/food or just to rest.

Spider man's webs are a fluid he himself created. In the movies, the webs are special effects. I'm such a nerd.

spider webs are normally tattooed on people serving a jail sentance, each 'ring' on the spider web indicates either year served or a person killed spider webs are normally tattooed on people serving a jail sentance, each 'ring' on the spider web indicates either year served or a person killed

spider webs are made by spiders

Spider man is not real. The special effects man makes the webs.

Spider Webs - 1927 was released on: USA: 1 May 1927 has spider webs for $1.99. If you want to buy a lot of spider webs, the cheapest option is from You can buy a dozen bags of webs for $10. Also Walmart, Target, and Party City have them out around Halloween and they are cheap there as well.

Spiders use webs to catch insects to eat.

Not all spiders spin webs to catch their food with. Among them are the wolf spider, trapdoor spider and the jumping spider.

Both male and female spiders produce silk and can build spider webs in most cases. However, not all spiders build webs, the Wolf spider for example, does not.

A golden Web Spider is a spider that spins golden webs.

The lynx spider does spin webs but only for one reason, to hold the eggs. otherwise this spider does not use a large web for catching its prey.

because bed-bugs dont create webs but spider webs do and they are sticky

A spider is a carnivorous arachnid that has 8 legs, poisonous fangs and the ability to produce silk - though not all spiders spin webs.

If you mean giant spider webs, just burn it with the lantern

In a room full of spiders and webs

Female spider. Both male and female spiders spin webs. However, upon maturity, the male spider is usually too busy trying to mate to be bothered with web-spinning.

spider webs are made of sticky things that come out of a spiders butt

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