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It means the percentage of people playing, that are using that player as a starter

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Q: What does start percentage mean in fantasy football?
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What does SSPD mean in football?

SSPD stands for the word suspended when referring to Fantasy Football.

What does 'Cascade' mean in Fantasy Football?

It's a street.

What does 2PC mean in fantasy football?

2 point conversion

What does ppr in fantasy football mean?

Points Per Reception

What does ff mean in football?

FFP stands for Fantasy Football Points, usually dealing with a fantasy football league.

Is it possible to get free coins in fifa 15 on android by any means if yes how?

Yes, it is possible by engaging in different challenges such as the football fantasy or spot kick. what do u mean by football fantasy or spot kick?

What does Guru mean in fantasy football?

It's the fantasy leagues prediction of how many points that player will get that game. For Example: If the guru for that player is "26.7". They are predicting that player will get 26.7 fantasy points for your team.

What does TQB mean in fantasy football?

Team Quarterback. You continue to get points for who ever is playing qb for the team.

What does ADP mean in Fantasy Football?

Average Draft Position This the term used to describe where you'll usually find a specific player being drafted in fantasy mock drafts, or real fantasy league drafts.

What does Pct mean in football standings?

pct is the winning percentage=wins/total games

What does percent st mean in fantasy football?

It stands for the percent of leagues in which that player is in the starting lineup of the team that owns him.

What does the 06010 mean on the ESPN fantasy football podcast?

06010 is the zip code for Bristol, Connecticut where ESPN is headquartered.