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What does static mean in java?


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The static keyword associated with a method or a variable in java specifies that the entity belongs to the class and not any object instance of the same.

Static Methods

Static keyword when used with a method, specifies that this method belongs to the class and not a particular instance of the class (a.k.a object of the class)


public class StaticTest {

public static String getAuthorName() {

return "Anand";



Here getAuthorName is the static method and it can be accessed without instantiating an object of the class StaticTest. You can access this method as:

String authorName = StaticTest.getAuthorName();

Static Variables

The static modifier tells the system that this particular variable belongs to the class and does not belong to any specific instance of the same. The class will contain only one instance of the static variable irrespective of how many objects of the class you create.