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It means where the application is in the process. Examples of status may be

  • rejected
  • on hold awaiting review
  • put forard for interview
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Q: What does status mean during an application?
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What does application received mean?

The party you sent an application to, received the application. This is usually a status message received during a routine Internet session.

What does status none mean on job application?


What does its mean UK visa status Processed Application returned TO AC?

its mean Application centre, bute here its mean Abudhabi Application centre

What does a job application status screening mean?

It means that they are currently in the process of reviewing your application.

What does a job application status complete mean?

A "complete" status for a job application means that you completed all information needed for your job application--questions, attachments, etc.

what is the status of my application for tps?

what is the status of my application for tps

What does a job application status pending mean?

It means that the application is still waiting for a response or a decision.

What does application status candidacy closed mean?

The Oracle iRecruitment status "Candidacy Closed" means that your application has unfortunately not been successful and has not been selected.

What does actively considered on the status of a job application mean?

having sex

What does job application status in progress mean?

to incraees self ificiancy

How do you write an email to check the status of your application?

What is the status of my application? (as simple as that :))

What does a job application status received submission mean?

A job application status of received submission means that the job application has been received by the company. The next steps may be reviewed, interviewing, or active.

What does it mean when the status in your job application is "considered for interview"?

That you have been considered for an interview.

What is the status on your sectin 8 application for Fresno county?

what is the status of my section 8 application

What does a job application status in progress mean?

A job application status in progress means the company is currently looking at the job application. This could take an indeterminate amount of time and the company will call if there are job openings for the applicant.

What does work status mean on application forms?

whether or not you are employed, unemployed etc etc.

What does a job application status not selected mean?

It means that your appplication was not selected for the position that you have apply for.

What does application status pass mean?

I want to know that too. Does that mean you "pass" that evaluation level, or does that mean they have "passed" you by for better candidates?

What does a job application status under review mean?

If your application is "under review," then a committee or ompany crepresentative is currently reviewing your application and comparing your credentials to other applicants.

What does an under referral job application status mean?

the applicant is referred to another department or division.

What is the status of your BPI credit card application?

What is the status of my BPI credit card application? mayette garcia

What does application status closed mean?

When an employer is no longer seeking applications for a position, the status will change to closed. It could mean that there are enough applicants for the position, or that the position has been filled,

What does 'added to requisition' on a job application status mean?

It means you have been added to a list of candidates for that opening.

What is your application status at uj?

Conditionally admitted

How do you know the status of OD application from JNTU kakinada?

how od application states