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Generally those words mean that certain words are to be stricken from some legal document. That phrase is often used in Codicils to a Last Will.

The 'Supreme Court' is the highest court in the USA. The lower Courts in each county are usually known as a 'District Court'. The court that is run by the 'State' is higher than the County Court.

Struck out means that the case against you has been dismissed by the court. In other words the court feels that there is no case to answer,or the court after hearing the prosecution case feels that there is not sufficient evidence to try the accused, and the court finds that it's in the best interest that "the case be struck out."

The person in charge of a county court - is a Magistrate.

Mansfield Municipal Court is in Richland County, OH.

Essex County Court Buildings was created in 1785.

Audubon County Court House was created in 1940.

Bergen County Court House was created in 1912.

Dutchess County Court House was created in 1903.

Charlotte County Court House was created in 1840.

Floyd County Court House was created in 1940.

Allamakee County Court House was created in 1940.

Bremer County Court House was created in 1937.

The Placer County Superior Court is a court that is located in the state of California. The address for the Placer County Superior Court is 11270 B Avenue Auburn, CA 95603.

A lower court such as the local court for your county.

Don't know which Essex County you mean - several U.S. states have Essex Counties, and then there's the original in England. If you mean Massachusetts, that would be the Northeast Housing Court, 2 Appleton Street, Lawrence, MA 01840.

(in the US) There is no such distinction. There are only STATE Supreme Courts (one per state) and the U.S. Supreme Court. EXCEPT in New York State, where each county outside of New York City has both a County Court and a Supreme Court (and also a Family Court and a Surrogate's Court). In most counties, the Supreme Court hears civil cases and the County Court hears civil cases, but this can vary a bit by county. See the related links for more info. While in most states the state Supreme Court is the highest state court and hears appeals from lower courts such as County Courts, the highest state court in New York is called the Court of Appeals.

A constitutional county court.

Check the county in which he died. You can perform an internet search using the county, state and "probate court". Such as "middlesex county, Massachusetts probate court". You should find the name and address of the court and contact information.

Des Moines County Court House was created in 1940.

In Santa Clara county, the courts are divided into systems of local and county systems. The court code 43470 refers to the court in which the case will be held.

If the court date is a civil or family case in District Court, County Court at Law, or Probate Court, you can find this information online by following the Dallas County Civil Court Calendars related link, and you can search by case number, party name (the person going to court), or attorney. If it is a criminal case in District or County Court, follow the Dallas County Criminal Court Records related link. You will need to know the case number in order to search the criminal court records. If the case is not in the District or County Courts at Law, or Probate Courts, or if you do not find the information you need by using the search options above, your best bet is to contact the court directly. You can find court contact information for every court in Dallas by following the Dallas County Courts Guide related link.

Cook County is a county in the U.S. state of Illinois, with its county seat in Chicago. See related links for more meaningful information about the court house.

Magistrate court. Supreme court. Crown court County court. The list goes on...

It means that the offender is out of state supervision and back in a county holding center, normally due to a court date.

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