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Legal Documents

Legal documents are documents with contractual conditions, authorizations, and empowerment regarding an estate, sale, orders, and such. Real estate title, bankruptcy forms, will, passport, license, proof of purchase are some examples of a legal document.

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Does an expired notary void a legal document?

If the Notary's appointment was valid at the the time they witnessed the signature, it remains valid even after the Notary's commission expires. HOWEVER, if the Notary's commission was expired at the time they "witnessed" it, it is not a valid notarization. Another Perspective An expired notary may affect the legality of the document. A legal document with an expired notary can be challenged. In some cases, the expired date is a typographical error and an affidavit can be executed by the notary stating...
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What is the difference between conveyance deed and sale deed?

A deed is the legal instrument used to transfer the ownership of real property. Those are simply two different ways of expressing a deed that conveys any interest owned by the grantor. ...
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What is a nonsuit without prejudice?

This basically means that the case was withdrawn for some reason, but it can be refiled at a later date. Rather than the term non-suit, the word dismissal may be used. An important factor to consider regarding refiling the case is that it must be done within the applicable statute of limitations period. These are prescribed by statute which vary by state and vary according to the nature of the cause of action. ...
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What are the ethical obligations involved in cite checking legal documents?

Ensure that (1) the cite says what you claim it says; (2) that it's still good law; (3) that you're not taking the statement out of context. ...
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How can you tell if jack wills is real?

Check that all the labels state Jack Wills spelled accurately, usually the actual fabric used for the tag is white. On the buttons usually it states Jack Wills too. Most of their designs are similar each season, so compare the style of clothing with that displayed on the website or in handbook. ...
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How do you dismiss personal protection order?

You need to speak with someone at the court that issued the order.
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Do you need documents to buy a gun in CA?

To purchase a firearm from a dealer anywhere in the US, you will need two forms of identification that show your address, along with age and name. ...
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What is the meaning of letter of intent?

It simply is a written notification, that places another party on notice, that the writer 'intends' to do something. However, it does not have the force of law of a contract (for instance), and anyone who receives such a notice should not necessarily rely on the outcome of the other party's intent. ...
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What are questions asked at a marriage green card interview?

Questions asked at the marriage green card interview: Name and address. Name and Date of Birth of Spouse. When and where did you meet your spouse? Describe this 1st meeting. Did you make arrangements to meet again? Did you exchange phone numbers? When did you meet next? Where were you living at the time? Where was your spouse living? When did you decide to get married? Where were you at the time? Did you live together before marriage? When and where did you get married? How did you...
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Should legal documents be signed with blue or black pen?

Generally it does not make a difference, but, there are circumstances such as a lawyers office (where I have worked) that they prefer black ink or, if you start off with blue or black you finish in the same color of ink. Here is an example: How to File for a Fee Waiver: Follow the instructions attached to each form to fill it out. You will need to type or print neatly in black ink. Do not print on the back...
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Is a baptismal certificate a legal document?

A: A baptismal certificate is a religious record but is not a legal document in the sense that it can be legally enforced. It imposes no obligation on the person baptised or on that person's parents or guardians. The person to whom it applies can not be required to remain in the faith, can not be prevented from joining a different denomination or even an entirely different religion. Nor can he or she be prevented from becoming an atheist. Finally, it contains...
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How do you add someone to your home's deed?

Contact a title agnecy or a real estate attorney about a "Quit Claim Deed". You would to have your attorney draw up a "quit claim deed" to deed half your interest to the party you want to deed that interest to. That deed will then be filed at the courthouse and that would be it. ...
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What are the two s's on top of each other in a legal document?

If they appear at the bottom of the page(s) of the document it could indicate the signature line. ...
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Can you marry a jail inmate?

The rules vary in different states but generally, the first step is to contact the prison chaplain and request a marriage packet if one is available. That packet will contain forms and instructions. It is likely that the inmate as well as the potential spouse will need to contact the chaplain in writing. A marriage license must be obtained. ...
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Software that assists in the preparation of legal documents?

Once the documents are scanned and indexed/ coded, having access to them is critical to manage business. Many companies have a document management system in place that allows access to the documents electronically. A data file, and the corresponding legal documents on a CD, or via FTP, or on a thumb drive can be uploaded into the DM system. If an established and secure way to share litigation related documents among users is not available, look at DOCCEPT document management software option. For more...
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What does to wit mean in legal documents?

That phrase can have several connotations: That is to say Namely To know The following comes to mind Specifically More precisely To clarify ...
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How do you amend an affidavit?

You need to consult with an attorney who can review your error and draft a new affidavit to correct it. Very often when non-professionals draft their own legal documents and make a mistake, it gets worse as they try to correct it. In the end, resolving the errors can be costly. The best way to obtain effective legal documents is to have them drafted by an attorney. You need to consult with an attorney who can review your error and draft a new...
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How do you amend letters of administration?

You must return to the probate court and request your amendment. The court will issue new Letters of Administration. ...
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What legal documents are requested from a foreign person here on a work visa permit for them to marry a US citizen in the States?

Answer I have no idea. You should call your local court house or city council and ask what is required. All states are probably different so they would no best what is needed and where to go. If they don't have that information, they will at least be able to give you a better idea of where to ask. Answer I would make sure his 'work visa' does not expire. If he overstays on his visa - its going to be VERY VERY...
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Is a purchase order a legal document?

In brief, A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating items, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller will provide to the buyer. Sending a PO to a supplier constitutes a legal offer to buy products or services. Hence, this is considered as a legal document. ...
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How long is a summary supposed to be?

A summary of a paper or a book should be given in less than a page. For most things, a good, well-written paragraph will be able to accomplish all parts of a summary. ...
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What types of legal documents do you need to open a restaurant?

lease, buisness plan for a loan, name registry, council approval for property purchuse ...
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When does an agent incur personal liability?

Sec* 47. Liability on contract. The agent seldom incurs any liability to the third party upon contracts entered into for a known principal. In such cases he negatives any personal responsibility by a proper execution of the contract. Only if the agent carelessly executes a written agreement may he find himself bound by the contract. To use an illustration suggested previously, the agent who signs a negotiable instrument for his principal, but fails to indicate clearly the principal's existence and his relation to the in- strument, is personally liable. It often...