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Q: What does sub mean in Greek and Latin words?
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Is the word 'sub' latin or greek?

Sub is Latin and means "under" (the Greek equivalent is hypo).

What does the Greek root 'hypo ' mean?

The Greek syllables 'hypo-' don't constitute a root. Instead, they're a prefix. The meaning is under. The equivalent in Latin is 'sub-'.

What is undercover in Latin words?

Sub rosa

What does the latin prefix sub mean?


What do the words on the bottom of the Belize flag mean?

The words at the bottom of the Belize flag Sub Umbre Floreo(latin) means "Under the Shade I Florish"

What does the Latin root sub mean?

The Latin root "sub" means "under" or "below." It is commonly used in English words such as "submarine" (underwater vessel) or "subconscious" (below the level of awareness).

What does sub sole mean?

Sub sole is Latin for "under the sun". For example, the phrase "nothing new under the sun" from Ecclesiastes is rendered nihil sub sole novum in the Latin Vulgate translation.

What does root word sub mean?

The root word "sub" means under, below, or beneath. It is derived from Latin and is often used in English words to convey the idea of something being less than or subordinate to something else.

What are some words for the latin root ferre?

suffer sub + ferre, lit. to suffer below.

What are some words with the Latin root sub?

Some words with the Latin root "sub" include "submarine" (below the sea), "subterranean" (underground), and "substitute" (to put in place of something else).

Latin words that start with s?

Salve, silva, solus, scribo, sub; to name a few.

Does the latin prefix sub mean underneath or it means high above?

The Latin prefix "sub" typically means underneath or below. It is used to indicate a position of lesser importance or status.