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What does subordinate mean?

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A subordinate is someone who is in a lower rank or position than someone else. An example would be an assistant, aide, or underling.

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What does Junior mean?

subordinate to senior.

What do subordinate mean?

Subordinate refers to something that is inferior in a hierarchy. When working, you are subordinate to your manager because he or she is higher in the organization than you.Belonging to another class

What does a subordinate company mean?

A subordinate is an employee, ranked below another employee in order of seniority or office hierarchy.

What does subordinate independent clause mean?

I think you can't have a subordinate independent clause. A subordinate clause is a clause which is dependant on another clause it can't stand alone as a sentence. An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence.

What is the difference between a subordinate clause and subordinate clause?

There isn't a difference between a subordinate clause and a subordinate clause.

How do you use the word subordinate in a sentence?

The Captain is subordinate to a General in rank.Subordinate has a few meanings. It can mean below someone in status, e.g 'the peasant was subordinate to the King.'It has a similar meaning in that it can be used to describe someone who works for someone else, e.g 'the politician is subordinate to the Prime Minister.'Another use of subordinate is in 'subordinate clause,' which denotes a part of a sentence that adds to the main clause but cannot be used as a sentence in it's own right. For example, in the sentence 'The man rode quickly on his bike,' the subordinate clause would be 'on his bike,' because that is not a complete sentence.

Make a sentence of subordinate?

I will do what you say since I am your subordinate. He was a private and subordinate to the captain.

What does absolute unity mean in design?

elements are subordinate to the total effect and do not overshadow it.

What is a subordinate phrase?

A subordinate phrase is a clause that has a subject and a verb and a relative pronoun. It will also have a subordinate conduction.

What does deputy mean?

A deputy is someone who is a subordinate. Powers or duties are "deputed" to a deputy by his or her superior.

What does como te ha ido mean?

How did it go with/for you (question) (or) it went for/with you (subordinate statement)

What is a sentence using the word subordinate?

A second mortgage has a subordinate interest to a first mortgage. The vice president is the president's subordinate. My desire for entertainment is subordinate to my need for food.

What type of conjunction begins a subordinate clause?

subordinate conjunction

What does it mean to be a member of an oppressed or a subordinate group?

its a guy included in ur group or any other.

What does the term relative unity mean in design?

elements have an effect of their own and are not subordinate to the total effect

What does the term absolute unity mean in design?

Elements have an effect of their own and are not subordinate to the total effect.

Does a coordinating conjunction introduce a subordinate clause?

No... Subordinate conjunctions (i.e. if, because, although, while, when, et cetera) begin subordinate clauses, at least when those subordinate clauses function as adverbs...

Who are the subordinate groups that live in US?

Who are the subordinate groups that live in the U.S.?

What are examples of a subordinate conjunction?

Although there are many subordinate conjunctions, the most common are "and", "but", and "or". A subordinate conjunction connects a subordinate clause (a clause that cannot stand alone as a sentence) to a main clause (a complete sentence).

What is the subordinate clause in The main road was closed after the bridge collapsed?

"After the bridge collapsed" is the subordinate clause. It begins with "after", a subordinate conjunction, and it cannot stand alone as a sentence. A subordinate clause is also called a dependent clause.

Use subordinate in sentence?

The general never looked at his subordinate officers when addressing them.

What is an ancillary?

An ancillary is a subordinate or accessory, or something which serves a subordinate or accessorial function.

What are the conjunctions that go along with dependent clauses?

Subordinate conjunctions introduce a dependent (subordinate) clause.Examples of subordinate conjunctions:afterbecausesinceunless

Is 'he has not played tennis'a subordinate clause?

there is no subordinate conjunction (because, after, therefore, even though, etc) so it is not a subordinate clause. if you look at it and it could be a complete sentence on it's own and make sense, it's not a subordinate clause.

How do you use subordinate in a sentence?

Note that the word subordinate can be either an adjective or a verb. Here is an example of the use of this word as a verb. An soldier must be prepared to subordinate his own interets to those of his nation. And here as an adjective: The captain was subordinate to the general.

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